Sunday, June 17, 2012

What's Barack Obama message to Families South of The Border?

Come on over...the weathers fine.

You have to wonder after Obama's executive order, what is the incentive now for those Mexican Parents south of the border who want a better life for their kids?

What's to stop that family from hoping the fence.

Don't worry about it. Your kids will get free schooling. We'll make a lot of noise about you and your family being illegal...but in the we always and your family and millions of others like you will prevail.

So take your family and come to the land of opportunity...Just make sure you register to vote.

BEFORE we talk amnesty/immunity/whatever we have to stop the flow. This temporary solution does nothing other than ENCOURAGE more illegal immigration.

Saturday on Fox % Friends, Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had this to say:

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