Thursday, June 14, 2012

Time Magazine Hosts 36 Wanted Posters

"We are Americans."

That's the headline of the cover of this week's edition of TIME Magazine which showcases the plight and success stories of undocumented immigrants in the United States.

The cover photo features a crowd of 36 undocumented immigrants led by José Antonio Vargas, a Washington Post Pulitzer Prize, Filipino journalist that revealed he was in the United States illegally in June of 2011.

Vargas wrote the story about the nation's 12 million undocumented immigrants which is supposed to lay out "why we are done hiding."
The full story is HERE.

Time to send their sorry asses home. Pulitzer..schmulizer! I wouldn't care if they were all rocket scientists and brain surgeons. Save all the sob stories as well.....not interested.

Sorry if that seems a little harsh, but not only are these people here illegally, THEY'RE FLAUNTING IT IN OUR FACE!


GO HOME! Get at the end of the line if you want to return here LEGALLY. In the mean time, there are plenty of LAW ABIDING people around the world IN LINE waiting to take your place.

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BOSMAN said...

Let's hope Obama doesn't win by 36 VOTES!

Anonymous said...

If I wanted to escape oppression, corruption, or needed to feed my family. I would do the same thing they did.

Get to the freest country I could. At any cost, in any way.

What would you do BOSMAN?

Robinator said...

Next time my driver's license expires, I'm not going to get it renewed. Then if I get stopped by the police I'll explain that I'm not an "illegal" driver - I'm simply an "undocumented" driver.

BOSMAN said...

I'd be IN LINE.

I'd want to start the relationship with my new country on LEGAL FOOTING.

You don't PICK & CHOOSE what laws to obey or BREAK.

So according to YOUR LOGIC, it's OK to steal to take care of ones family. Just another INCONVENIENT LAW...RIGHT?

leighrow said...

Annonymous-try traveling in Europe or Asia with out documentation..better yet,check out Mexico's immigration law.

There are many reasons why country's have immigration laws such as security and also allocation of resources. Countries do not create silly immigration laws for no reason. Laws need to be followed and if people start ignoring laws they disagree with then you have anarchy.

Anonymous said...


of course you pick and choose which laws to obey. there are always consequences to breaking a law.

what I am saying is I would break the law under those circumstances and when I got caught I would be sent back. then i would do everything I could to get back to this most amazing of countries.

i would not rob or steal from someone else, but I would come and work and struggle, I would not petition for or take food stamps, those are only for citizens of this country.

i hope i am explaining myself.

Robinator said...

Here's a crazy idea - rather than risk getting deported by breaking our laws, why not come here LEGALLY and avoid all the drama. And yes, you can choose which laws to break or obey. That's why we have prisons and deportation centers. Enjoy your stay.

Anonymous said...


mexico is one of the most corrupt countries i know of. i believe in freedom and everything this country stands for.

I also believe in survival. I would give everything to be able to work here to provide for my family.

I know it isn't right and that it is breaking the law. But I am willing to live with that on my conscience.

I would not be here to hurt people but to help myself rise above poverty, I would not be looking for handouts. Let me earn my money by blood and sweat. Let me live free.

BOSMAN said...


" I would break the law under those circumstances and when I got caught I would be sent back. then i would do everything I could to get back to this most amazing of countries."


Robinator said...

I'd like to know if you have a criminal record or contagious or infectious diseases. I don't want to be put at risk because you want to choose which laws should apply to you. There are reasons our immigration laws are in place. Respect them or I don't respect you.

Anonymous said...


thank you. I will always be greatful to this country for what it has allowed for my family. I have never been on food stamps and will work hard everyday of my life.

Anonymous said...


my argument wasn't about the law. It was a question about what you would do.

You would wait in line and I would not. for the poor there is no line.

I work for myself and for my family. I work and I am free here. unlike the country I came from.

BOSMAN said...

"You would wait in line and I would not. for the poor there is no line."



Jails are loaded with people who spend all their time trying to rationalize why they shouldn't be in there.

Anonymous said...


You were born here and I was not. The line gets you nowhere where I came from.

I am here and you are here. What am I taking from you? What am I taking from anyone else?

I work and you work. I don't see how that is wrong.

Have you ever jaywalked? Was it dangerous, yes. Did it break the law, yes. Now you are on the other sidewalk, what are you gonna do? Rob someone, Kill someone, Hurt someone? No.

jaywalking makes me a criminal but it does not make me immoral.

I saw an opportunity on the other side of the street. the crosswalk was too far away or broken (corrupt). I most make the most of what I have. I got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em.

You play the hand you are dealt.

BOSMAN said...

"You play the hand you are dealt."

And be ready to pay the consequences when caught.

Everyone has a story to tell. I'm sure they;re are millions of them. I'm sure there are even more waiting to be told by those WAITING TO COME HERE LEGALLY.

The law is the law. Maybe you'll be lucky and not caught. That doesn't make it right though...DOES IT?

BOSMAN said...

And BTW...If you put your face on the cover of Time Magazine...and FLAUNT your DESERVE to be caught.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is a weak argument to simply expect others to be merciful if someone breaks the law. That is not how a modern-day society works. Laws exist for a reason and should not be so easily set aside, this is the beginning of the end. One individual does not have the right to usurp the laws of the land, and if they do they are subject to the consequences of their actions.

Anonymous said...

I think the weaker argument is WAIT IN LINE.

there is no hope there. of course there are consequences no one is arguing that.

i agree that people that are caught here illegally must be sent back.

my question is what would you do? so far people have said they would wait in line. good luck with that. there is a fire and you won't break the window because it is against the law? yeah right.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are equating breaking immigration laws with jaywalking. What a stupid argument. I get it, it is hard where you live. That doesn't excuse breaking someone else's laws though and you are just making excuses to make it right. What kind of example does that teach your kids?
If you're poor does that mean you are going to rob a bank too?
If you are hungry, do you rob food from the grocery store.
Using your logic is a slippery slope.
The best way to live is to obey all the laws. Period.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are equating illegal immigration to robbing a bank or a grocery store. what a slippery slope.

I am not justifying. I am saying what I would do.

You would live in poverty and I would not.

Anonymous said...

They are Americans, if they come from Central, north or south america. But... they are not US citizens.

Machtyn said...

Little known fact (at least I didn't know about it until recently), Mexico is the United States of Mexico. Crazy, huh?

Anonymous said...

Actually equating illegal immigration and robbing a bank is more accurate than equating illegal immigration to jaywalking. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

These 36 are proud they're illegal.

That's what makes it MORE wrong!

Anonymous said...

is robbing a bank immoral?
is jaywalking immoral?

is crossing the border immoral?