Saturday, June 16, 2012

That's Flip Flopping Done Right

Folks, I have been arguing for some time now that Romney has no intention of maintaining his immigration views from the GOP primaries. I had no idea, however, that he would begin the flip flop before the election. I thought for sure that Romney would save it until after he is elected, but Obama has forced his hand. Anyway, his immigration flip flop may be more spectacular that I first imagined.
“I believe the status of young people who come here through no fault of their own is an important matter to be considered and should be solved on a long term basis so they know what their future would be in this country. I think the action the President took today makes it more difficult to reach that long term solution because an executive order is of course just a short term matter, it can be reversed by subsequent presidents.”
There are many ways to marvel at his statement. First, Romney, who blasted the Dream Act and promoted self-deportation, is now proposing that the "status of young people" should be "considered" and "solved on a long term basis." Hmm...

Second, his attack on Obama's position is centered on the fact that the President's position "makes it more difficult to reach that long term solution." In other words, Romney is no longer thinking about those pesky illegals and their law-breaking. In fact, he implies that they are innocent. His thinking is concentrated on the best way to help them.

That my friend is flip flopping done right.

Nevertheless, folks, buckle your seats. I don't know that Romney could move any more toward a pro-immigrant position without losing the base. But just wait until the election is over. This flip flip is only the beginning. 

Tom Tancredo just rolled over in his political grave.


GetReal said...

Ha. Romney did the best he could in a bad situation. He basically expressed sympathy to the young people involved, which he's always done, and other than that, said he'd "think about" what to do.

He actually didn't express support one way or the other on the issue. If anything, ending the comment by pointing out the move can be reversed might be a sign that he intends to reverse it.

Certainly no flip-flop.

Pablo said...

Get Real, I completely admit that this statement is very ambiguous. There is a little in there for everyone. Romney is basically deciding that he is no longer going to take a position on immigration.

But it is hard for me to infer from his statements that he wants all of these "young people who come here through no fault of their own" to deport. I also can infer that from his comments on how their status should be "solved." And then he suggests that the President has not gone far enough.

Political scientists are going to study this statement in the future. This statement basically frees Romney to take any position he wants in the future.

GetReal said...

I think this move was as much an attempt by Obama to divide the GOP and damper conservative enthusiasm, which has been surprisingly high for Romney, as it was an attempt to bolster his hispanic support. In order to avoid feeding into that, Romney's got to gloss over it as the stunt that it is and keep the narrative on the economy.

Some people are making more of this than it is. On R42012, Kavon has posted a quote where Romney says he's going to read Rubio's plan, and has interpreted that statement as an endorsement of the plan.

I don't think he's going to flip on this, but time will tell. I do strongly suspect if he ever does agree to some kind of immigration reform deal, if he allows anyone to stay it won't be someone who has used a stolen social security number, as identity theft is far from a victimless crime, so the number would probably be much lower than the projected 800,000 Obama is going with.

leighrow said...

Romney made this statement right after Obama's message when questioned by a he was probably caught off guard by Obama's new law and was intentionally ambiguous.

I agree with another poster that Obama is working to intentionally split the GOP with this issue which will in turn bolster a 3rd party candidate.

Romney needs to stay focused on the economy and jobs.

I also think Romney should emphasize that this move by Obama is symptomatic of Obama's presidency. There is so much uncertainty for private business,healthcare,Energy and now wonder the economy is not getting better, no one has no idea as to which laws and regulations Obama will ignore or create.

When asked directly about immigration he should state what he has always stated all along and that we need to secure the borders first before approving new immigration law. Even Charles Krauthammer is open to immigration reform if and only if the borders are secure.

I think it is extremely important that Romney not over react and just stay on message with "we are not stupid,and it is still the economy.

GetReal said...

Where Romney should react to this, is an ad referring to Obama's economic address where he promised to create one million new jobs.

A million new jobs, and he just legitimized nearly a million new job seekers. Seems like under Obama's plan, we'd be back to square one, at BEST.

Terrye said...

Pablo, I disagree. Romney did not flip flop. Romney did not support the immigration bill in 2006...he did not support the DREAM Act..however, Romney has never said that he would not support the kind of solution that Rubio is talking about.

The idea is to obey the law.

You sound like the righties over at Hot Air who are threatening to sit home because they say Romney is no better than Obama. They are wrong and so are you.

Terrye said...

And it should also be remembered that the Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio is working on the sort of plan that Romney said he might could support.

What is he supposed to say? The truth is that Romney has never acted as if people brought here as children were bad people..and to act surprised that he showed some sympathy for them just goes to show how narrow some people's minds are on this subject.

Anonymous said...

The real flip flopper is Obama who said just a few months ago that he could not declare immunity because he didn't have the power and had to obey the laws of the land. When it becomes election time and he needs more votes he ignores the laws and the constitution and panders to a voting block. I hope the American people are smart enough to see through this violation of the constitution and realize that all of these illegals will now enter the labor force greatly diminishing their chances of finding employment in a job scare market.

Anonymous said...

Obama is still persuing the strategy of devide and conquer. Mitt needs to stress this is purely political because Obama said a year ago he could NOT do this on his own. Moreover , if he was seriously concerned about illegals, he could gotten a comprehensive immigration bill in his first two years with solid Democrat majorities in Congress. Mitt should make the point of high Hispanic unemployment. What good is it to be here leagally and have no means of support?? Keep the focus on jobs!

Machtyn said...

This topic is a weak point for Romney, certainly. But he answered it as ambiguously as possible. After he has a little time to think about the ramifications, and he's getting plenty of help from everyone on the blogosphere on this, he will issue statement stating exactly what a previous comment stated, "Obama has just created a million new job seekers." Romney can also point out how what Obama did is essentially an abuse of power, a usurpation of the Rights of Congress.

After 4 straight weeks of Romney winning the battles and Obama have every single one of his salvos reflected back on him by Team Romney, he will get 1 or 2 points. The thing I notice bubbling just under the surface is the amount of animosity and feeling of DOOM coming from the previously ABRs. They are going to cry and whine and moan, "WOAH IS MEEeee!!! Romney is just TERRIBLE! He can't answer [some irrelevant topic] just exactly right!!! WAAAHHHH!" Get over it. The issue of the day is Obama's failed leadership (he has none), Obama's inability to know what he is doing, and the economy. And Romney is winning these battles - he's right back on message today.

While this issue may not be forgotten soon, Obama is not out of the woods, either. The ACA will be struck down (at least parts of it), jobs numbers are not improving - especially now that Obama's created a whole new class of seekers, and he has NOTHING with which to attack Romney on - immigration included. If he tries attacking Romney on Obama's recent move, all Romney has to answer is with a question, "Why did you say you couldn't do, due to laws passed by Congress, what you just did months before you did it?"

leighrow said...


I agree on your last point....Romney should direct a question right back at Obama...something like..President Obama please enlighten us as to why you can take these measures now when a few months ago,you stated that it was out of your control...better yet why didn't you enact immigration reform when you had large majorities in the house and senate for 2 years??

I doubt that the MSM will ask these questions.

dougx said...

I thought Romney's response was a masterpiece of subtlety. Pure genius. He didn't flip flop at all because he merely explained that the matter must be considered.

Flagkeeper said...

Any fool oughtsa know that you pick and choose your battles. Romney is keeping the economy his battlefield and OB keeps trying to change it and distract. He did the wise and prudent thing- don't give em rope to hang you with. Romney has always been strong on immigration. He certainly chose his words carefully so that the media does not turn the story into waht Romney said, but rather keep it on what the POTUS did. Mark my words,Team Romney is probably making a new website, ads, slogans, speeches, leaking spin, hyperbole, and, speculation, as well as scheduling interviews to put the icing on top. Responses need to be measured with an Obama supporting media in mind. Tancredo would never have supported Romney on a whim. He knows, but evidently the pathetic ABR's, lying in wait to make an offender for a word are seemingly chomping at the bit to see Romney fail (at America's expense) just to say, "See! Told ya so!" What a bunch of stiffnecked whiners.

Anonymous said...

Nice try, but I predict not even pandering on the issue of immigration will save the incumbent. Romney is handling this issue the best way he can and he now needs to go back on the offensive on what the real real issue is here; the economy. I look forward to a more strong and measured counter-attack. In the end, this will not be the central issue of this campaign.

leighrow said...

Flag keeper-I completely agree...especially about the ABRs...I personally think the majority of ABRs are a bunch of Democrats attempting to split the GOP to ensure an Obama victory.

Terrye said...


Go hang out in the comments section of a lot of rightie blogs and you will find those ABRs..

Anonymous said...

Its about the economy stupid!

Anonymous said...

Romney should demand Obama put it in the form of a bill, get it sponsored and then vote on it or shut up about it!