Friday, June 15, 2012

Romney and Obama dueling speeches: High Noon in Ohio (FULL VIDEOS)

President Barack Obama used a speech in Cleveland to try to refocus his re-election campaign, saying the November contest gives voters a choice "between two fundamentally different visions" for the economy, while across the state, Republican candidate Mitt Romney said the president's remedies have hurt companies and American workers.

The rhetorical duel played out on national television but was aimed particularly at voters in Ohio, a key battleground state. No Republican has won the White House without winning Ohio, and recent polling shows the candidates neck and neck.
The full story is HERE and the 2 speeches below:

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Ohio JOE said...

If the election were held today, and it were a 2 way race. Mr. Romney would get at least 51 or 52% in Ohio. Not a landslide, but it is no longer 50/50. Mr. Walker is the indirect reason for this. Ohio Conservatives are once again a little excited. And ever since the victory in Wisconsin, Mr. Romney and his camp have been more willing to actually promote Conservatism.

At our last county executive meeting, we were joined by a young lady who was a regional field worker for Mr. Romney. She was a breath of fresh air. She actually wanted to work with rural Ohioans, join the team, co-operate and help promote local GOP candidates instead of dictating from DC how we should run our campaigns. What a change in attitude ever since Mr. Walker won.

BOSMAN said...

Thanks for posting that info OJ.

If Romney could pull that off, I think it would be hard for Obama to make up the loss elsewhere...another words...President Romney!