Friday, June 22, 2012

Obama's latest anti-Romney ad gets '4 Pinocchios'

In others words, it's a BIG LIE.

Here is the ad. File under FICTION:

From the Washington Post:

The Pinocchio Test

The Obama campaign fails to make its case. On just about every level, this ad is misleading, unfair and untrue, from the use of “corporate raider” to its examples of alleged outsourcing. Simply repeating the same debunked claims won’t make them any more correct.

Four Pinocchios

The full story is HERE.

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Anonymous said...

How does a Govenor have the power to ship jobs to China? He must be talking about himself

Anonymous said...

Another words, for all intensive purposes, I should of used the proper phrase.

(sorry, I couldn't leave that one alone.)
In other words, for all intents and purposes, I should have used the proper phrase.

Nameless Cynic said...

Funny how that same Washington Post has a front-page story the NEXT DAY about how Bain, under Romney, was doing that very same outsourcing that Mr Factchecker here is claiming Romney wasn't there for.

Kind of strange - that's what that is.

Anonymous said...

Nameless Cynic

I noticed the same thing..which was quite odd. I wondered why the writer didn't write about the jobs President Obama sent overseas as president or Obama's Job Czar Jeffrey Immelt with GE who sent tens of thousands of jobs to China and GE also paid zero dollars in taxes.

Anonymous said...

Abraham Lincoln said he cannot tell a lie.
Richard Nixon said he cannot tell the truth.
Bill Clinton said he cannot tell the difference.
Barack Obama said he cannot tell the facts.

Nameless Cynic said...

Yup, Leighrow, companies have kept on outsourcing jobs since Obama took office. Because the GOP has blocked every move Obama has made toward stopping it.

Why do Congressional Republicans hate American workers?