Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MSNBC caught selectively editing Romney event to make him appear out of touch

H/T the rightscoop

No...Not the SLIMIEST network on the air? Say it isn't so.

The Lie:

In the following MSNBC segment, Romney is made to appear that he's never been into a hoagie store by selectively editing snippets from a Romney event at Wawa. You know...those high class types like Romney just can't relate to us simple folks....or so MSNBC would like you to believe:


The real story is below. Romney was simply making a point between the public and private sector....I bet you didn't get that from above:


The only fool in the MSNBC segment is Andrea Mitchell...but hey...I bet you already knew that.

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Terrye said...

I saw this yesterday, complete with eye ball rolling on the part of the socalled reporters.

The thing is even before I knew it was edited I thought...What is the big deal? I have never even heard of WaWa or touch screen menus myself. And believe me, I am as common as dirt.

Machtyn said...

Truly, the touchscreen menu ordering is not common usage, yet. I worked at a company 3 years ago that was in discussions with various fast food restaurants with providing public facing kiosks for this sort of thing. Heck, I was with a company in 2001 where discussions of this sort of thing was just starting to crop up.

It takes time for this tech to roll out, especially due to its high costs and a fast-food's low profit points.

Fortunately, fewer people watch MSNBC than do other channels.

Jenny said...

The point here is that he wasn't marveling at the technology in and of itself, he was comparing how clunky and inefficient the Federal Government is to the ingenuity and agility of the private sector. They didn't even hint at that because it is true and because it doesn't fit the narrative of the Obama campaign.

newark hawk said...

Although MSNBC has much smaller viewership than FOX & CNN, it still has millions of viewers who actually believe its nonstop propaganda, misinformation and lies.

MSNBC would have lost its broadcasting license years ago had the FCC not become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party.

Receiving an exclusive FCC license is an extraordinary privilege, not a constitutional right. Broadcasters who grossly abuse that privilege should have that privilege immediately revoked.

newark hawk said...

A week or two ago, MSNBC's Chris Matthews spent 15 minutes interviewing theater expert James Lipton, solely for the purpose of analyzing/SMEARING Romney's "laugh" - that's right, his "laugh", that wasn't a typo - describing it as "fake", "insincere" and "phony", among other epithets.

MSNBC is hack/crony journalism at its absolute worst.

newark hawk said...

As for Andrea Mitchell, she makes me want to throw up. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Big Business uses six sigma , black belt strategies to guide their companies. Until the FED begins to do this nothing will change!

Anonymous said...

I have never ordered a sandwich on a touchscreen so I guess I must be an elitest out of touch snob.

Andrea Mitchell is the elitest New York snob and her editing of that clip was inexcusable. She should either be fired or labeled a Democratic strategist. How could anyone watch anything she reports and even think, they are going to receive an unbiased report...after this editing hack job.

Anonymous said...

lets forget how mittens edited obamas words and used it in an ad
. yes job destroyer and raider smittens is out off touch and only cares to line his own pockets.

Anonymous said...

poor obamabot, mitt is doing better in the polls and the electoral college is tightening significantly over the past month alone. It's understandable that you are scared, spreading lies, and overacting emotionally. Here's a tissue.

Terrye said...

Anonymous..Romney did not have to edit anything, Obama really is a screw up. But then again, this is not about one campaign did to another..this is about a socalled news agency being dishonest.

GetReal said...

Romney only used Obama's own words about McCain (where Obama was actually taking a McCain quote out of context himself) to show that the tables have turned, and Obama is actually in McCain's position now. He gave the actual date of the quote, so it's like people actually thought Obama was talking about the race against Romney.

Steve and Sandy Tusler said...

Calling Mitt, mittens is so last election cycle. Tells me you have been waiting 4 years to use your rhetoric. Please find something more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Terrye is completely correct. The so called news media do act like a DIRTY Obama campaign, and that ought to be illegal. Some news agency, they are a joke.

Regarding 'raider' remark, the film smearing Romney at Bain Capital is fraudulent. Try to keep up.

Anonymous said...

Romney, my favorite professor

Anonymous said...

Andrea Mitchell's smug self-satisfaction--which is here uncovered as fool's gold--reminds me once again why Mitt will win in November 2012.

Mitchell and her inside-the-Beltway ilk can't understand a guy like Mitt. They just don't get him. Can't begin to grasp his down-to-earth, creative, entrepreneurial approach to this country's powerhouse of potential.

Now, let me see. . . Does anyone think for an instant that Andrea's vaunted husband, former Fed Chief Alan Greenspan, would have the faintest idea how to handle an automated grocery checkout line, much less place a digital order for a grinder/hoagie/sub/wedge?