Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mitt Romney was in Utah Friday to help an old friend and to raise money

Mitt Romney was in Utah yesterday to help out an Orin Hatch who is fighting to keep his Senate seat and to attend 3 fundraisers:
Romney returned to Utah Friday for the first time since becoming the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, raising money at big-ticket events including a gourmet dinner that cost at least $50,000 to attend.

At a $2,500-a-plate reception at the Grand America Hotel, Romney told an enthusiastic audience of about 150 people that the nation's debt under President Barack Obama is "immoral," promising his to-do list in the White House will be "jobs, jobs and jobs."
The full story is HERE.

In a related story, Romney will be returning again to Utah in 2 weeks where he will host the "First National Romney Victory Leadership Retreat" and according to CNN will earn somewhere in the vacinity of $15 Million for his campaign.

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1 comment:

Machtyn said...

I love that "47th in the country in job creation" claim. From now on, anyone who uses that statistic, I will now consider that person a statistical and logical ignoramus.