Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mitt Romney: "President Obama's Policies Have Been The Most Anti-Jobs In Modern History"

Mitt Romney released a statement today:

From his website:
The President, upon being elected, appeared on The Today Show and said if he couldn’t get the economy turned around in three years he’d been looking at a one term proposition. And so, over the last several months, he has been going across the country attempting to convince the American people that he has turned it around. He said as you know, just a few days ago, that the private sector is doing fine. But the incredulity that came screaming back from the American people has caused him, I think, to rethink that. And I think you are going to see him change course when he speaks tomorrow and where he will acknowledge that it isn’t going so well and he will be asking for four more years. So instead of three years and he’s out, he wants four more years. My own view is that he will speak eloquently but that words are cheap and that the record of an individual is the basis upon which you determine whether they should continue to hold onto their job. The record is that we have 23 million Americans that are out of work or stopped looking for work or underemployed. That is a compelling and sad statistic. These are real people. I have had a chance to meet a lot of these folks and learn about their circumstances and it’s more than just the 23 million that feel the uncertainty and the concern associated with the Obama economy.
Read the rest of the statement HERE.

He also released the following chart called 'The First 100 Days: How Would A Romney Presidency Be Different?"

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