Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mitt Romney campaign event in Orlando, Florida + BONUS (FULL VIDEO 06-12-12)

Mitt Romney laid out his plans to replace the Affordable Care Act with a new health care plan that emphasizes tax breaks and picks up many of the popular parts of the law he derides as “Obamacare.”

Speaking Tuesday on the factory floor of a company that makes air filters, Con Air Industries of Orlando, Romney decried President Barack Obama as “out of touch,” repeatedly berating him for his comment last week that “the private sector economy is fine.”

“It’s time we have a president who is touch with America. And I am,” he said in a speech that ran nearly 40 minutes. “And I’ll bring back America’s strength.”
The full story is HERE and the video below:

After the Orlando event, Romney went to a fundraising event at Isleworth Country Club in Windermere where he is expected to pull in at least $1 million at the single event:

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