Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Karl Rove: Romney's made gains in June

Here is Karl on Fox News 'Special Report':

Here is the Map seen in the segment above:

(CLICK MAP to enlarge)

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GetReal said...

Kentucky, Tennessee, South Dakota, Texas and Arizona as "lean Romney?" South Carolina and Missouri are tossups, but Wisconsin and Michigan aren't? I think Rove must be using some rather suspect polls in some cases here.

Machtyn said...

You have to set the bar somewhere. I guess the 3% and 8% line is as good as any. Plus, not all of these states have had good polling results, or a lot of polling results, come out of them. So it is difficult to get a good reading.

Anonymous said...

No matter how you slice it, this is becoming more and more a favorable map with each passing month. With the kind of month to two months Obama has had, I wouldn't be surprised if the electoral college map was close to evenly matched at this point.

Anonymous said...

South carolina isnt a toss up they will vote Romney dont care what a poll says

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with South Carolina?