Thursday, June 14, 2012

Joy Behar: Religious Bigot

President Obama chatting with Joy Behar.

Joy Behar, in response to Senator Joe Lieberman's statement that state and local governments need to shed employees and expenses, said the following: 
"I'd like to see his house burn, one of his million houses burning down...who is he going to call, the JEW fire patrol?"
Obviously a hate filled anti-semedic rant from the so called "liberal media elite." This story is entirely true except the story was actually about Mitt Romney and the "Mormon fire patrol." The point of this post is that all of society, good society, would be shocked and apauled if Joy Behar had said these things about a Jewish senator or any religious minority in the United States. It's just plain offensive and unacceptable. 

Why do we allow Mormons to be slighted and vilified by the media? Why are Mormons ok to attack and defame while we would never say the same things about Jews, Muslims, Catholics, etc? A recent study show that anti-Mormon biases have spiked since Mitt Romney's first presidential bid in 2007. It goes on to say that 4 out of 10 liberals hold biases against Mormons. I would suggest that religion is what liberal secularist truly dislike and the antipathy against Mormons is more acute because Mormons, more often than not, live their religion or should I say, strive to live their religion. 

Mormons are true believers and church is not just a semi-annual event. Mormons go to church for a minimum of three hours a week on Sunday and the rest of the week is spotted with religious activities and service. It's a volunteer organization and Mormon men and women dedicate hundreds and thousands of hours annually to their faith on top of 10% of their income for starters. Their are a dozen other donations that Mormons often make thru the Church such as fast offerings, perpetual education fund, disaster relief fund, the missionary fund, etc. Click HERE to see more.

Mormons are dedicated to their beliefs and that grinds on some liberals like Joy Behar. She took a cheap shot at Mitt Romney for his Mormon faith. She offended anyone with a shred of decency and will continue to use the American anti-Mormon loop-hole to detract from the issues of the day and feed the growing anti-Mormon/anti-religion movement fomenting in liberal America. Where is the Mormon Anti-Defimation League? It is desperately needed. 

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