Saturday, June 2, 2012

David Axlerod Not Telling The Truth Mitt Romney's Economic Record

President Obama tried to go after Mitt Romney's private sector experience and that failed. Now, the Obama reelection team is trying a different approach by attacking Mitt Romney's record as Governor of Massachusetts: 
Mitt Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts has been something of a taboo topic on the campaign trail, with the Republican candidate rarely discussing his years in public office, preferring to trumpet his private sector experience instead.
President Obama's re-election team now wants to change that dynamic, turning taboo into talking points, highlighting Romney's 2002 gubernatorial campaign promises on jobs, taxes, and state debt that they say were left unfulfilled.
"Romney campaigned for governor on the promises of more jobs, decreased debt and smaller government," senior Obama strategist David Axelrod writes in a research memo to "interested parties." "When he left office, however, state debt had increased, the size of government had grown and over his four years, Massachusetts' record of job creation was among the worst in the nation."
Axelrod will host a rare press conference later today in Boston to drive the case home with officials who served in Massachusetts state government during Romney's tenure. Testimonials on Romney's record from several state officials are also featured in a new campaign web video.
Not surprisingly, the only way Obama can attack Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts is to lie about it. The facts clearly show that Mitt Romney reduced the size of government, decreased unemployment and left the state with a surplus. 
For a close analysis of the real facts about Mitt Romney's record both in the private and public sector, I wrote a series of blog articles analyzing various aspects of Mitt Romney's record which you can read below:
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Obama is doing what ever they can to distract the voters from focusing on his own economic record since he doesn't want voters to know that he's never been serious about improving the U.S. economy. As a result, Obama is willing to do anything, including, lying to the American people about Mitt Romney's economic record. Mitt Romney, much to the surprise and glee of conservatives, went on the offensive rather than the defensive and highlighted Obama's disastrous attempt to create jobs.  
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