Saturday, May 19, 2012

WaPo Publishes More Drivel

Let's see if you can spot the logic of Colbert King's article:

Mitt Romney speaks one time at Liberty University = Romney only likes to speak to white people.

Journalists have opinions. Sometimes they have opinion with which I disagree. That is not the problem. What I don't understand is how the Washington Post would allow such a poorly-written and poorly-reasoned slab of words on its website.

Oh, and my favorite part is when King takes Romney to task for praising Jerry Falwell, who once made critical statements about gays. Romney's relationship with evangelicals is so tenuous that is laughable to try to link them together. President Obama had "Rev." Wright pray at his campaign kickoff in 2007, yet I am sure King doesn't regard a man who infamously cursed America as that much of a problem.

Again, I don't care if people disagree with me. Just have a point. That is all I ask.

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Anonymous said...

Flawless reasoning. Well said. Bravo.