Thursday, May 3, 2012

Veterans For a Strong America Ad: Obama politicizing Bin Laden's death

As these veterans point out in the following ad, I don't think President Obama's re-election was high on their priority list when they risked their lives to take out Osama Bin Laden:

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Tea Party Mom 2009 said...

Thank you for making this ad, we must save our nation for another generation! This next election give us 2 paths to choose from, Obama's path or the path of our Founders'. I pray your ad opens the eyes of citizens who have not been paying attention and make them aware of the danger to our counrty's future.

My Life said...

Very powerful video. It needs to go viral.

I hope people donate (even just a little) to the Veterans for a Stronger America who made this ad so they can put it on Prime Time stations.

rocketspad said...

Your ad is an embarrassment to all who served. It is based on a false premise to create a false impression. Politicians run on their records, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Obama didn't declare Mission Accomplished until it was done. He made a promise to get bin Laden and he did. He honored Seal Team 6 at the White House and all who participated. But he is the Commander-in-Chief and he made the call. 'Nuf said. Swift boating is dishonest and unworthy of real vets.

Robert said...

Really amateurish job of editing.
If you watch the real, entire video coverage; Obama repeatedly praises the Seal team and the Intelligence agencies that gave us the info to act upon. Obama emphasized that when he met the helicopter pilot who safely put down the crippled helicopter, that he gave him the biggest hug; that this pilot was the biggest hero, having safely put down a crashing helicopter. The torque of this crash could have killed all aboard and assured failure of the task at hand. This video and your Astroturf Veterans Group are an embarrassment to America. Rot in right wing lunatic hell. The government that flies on only one wing, right wing or left wing, flies only in circles.