Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Time's Mark Halperin interview with Mitt Romney (VIDEO 05-23-12)

In a Wednesday morning interview with TIME at a midtown Manhattan hotel, Romney, in good spirits despite the lingering effects of a bad cold, staked out critical public positions on how he would manage the nation’s most pressing issue.

In an exclusive interview with TIME's Mark Halperin, Romney pushes back on President Obama's Bain attack and predicts he can drive unemployment down to six percent by the end of his first term:

The full story is HERE.
Read the transcript of the interview HERE.

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Anonymous said...

"Right Speak" posting this is proof that they are depending upon the ignorance of the average Republican voter. Romney says that, "After 3-4 years his policies then the unemployment rate will be in the range of 6%". Uh, the CBO projects that it will be 6% if we carry on the current policy path.

Conclusion - if you want 6% unemployment then skip electing the candidate for the racist, bigoted, creationist old white man party!

Machtyn said...

Nice, anon@10:10. What you fail to understand is that if we re-elect the racist, bigoted, secular old black man, he will be far more flexible and continue his business hindering policies that will prevent corporations from hiring. Even worse, his policies will make us even more vulnerable to the teetering economy of Europe. All of that combined will cause unemployment to remain at 8%, or get worse. Even worse than that, people who are moving off of the Unemployment numbers are moving into the non-working poor. Sure, it was reported that there were 115,000 jobs created in March or April and unemployment went to 8.2%. The little reported number is that we lost over 300,000 people into the non-working poor. This is NOT the direction we want to go in.

Conclusion: CBO is correct - if we stay the same, unemployment goes to 6%, but no one is actually employed. Obama will not keep things the "same," he'll be more flexible.

Anonymous said...

Wait, did you just say that we shouldn't vote for the white guy and then call him racist? LOL. By the way, the low unemployment number is only there due to those who just gave up looking for a job, how can you justify that's a good thing?

Anonymous said...

Poor Mark Halperin. He thought he had at least two gotcha questions and Mitt knocked them out of the park. You could see the abject dissapointment in his face as Romney tore into Obama while establishing his own credentials to be President.

Doug NYC GOP said...

In the debates Obama will be wearing the same ?Man how could that colonoscopy go so wrong?" look on his face, the way Halprin does in this interview. Mitt smoothly and succicntly blasted these inane questions right passed him.

This is only April and Obama all ready looks exhausted and sounds desperate.

Romney Romps in November!!

Anonymous said...

I gotta be honest, I'm surprised that Romney is doing so well and Obama so poorly. It's like the Obama campaign thought it could just repeat it's glory with little work.