Friday, May 25, 2012

Staples Co-founder Tom Stemberg on Mitt Romney (VIDEO 05-24-12)

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Machtyn said...

Here is the transcript for those that can't watch it.

Stemberg REALLY took it to Fish and Goldberg. What an outstanding defense of Romney and Bain.

The one thing Fish tried to harp one was, "And the question of fairness and responsibility is an appropriate question to be raised," as it relates to firing and compensation of employees. What should then be asked is, "What about the Union employees with the auto companies that got sweet deals, while their non-union counter-parts got fired? What about the 10s of thousands of jobs lost at dealerships and non-union supplier companies?" Obama can NOT stand against Mitt's record at Bain and win the argument.

Anonymous said...

So true Machtyn