Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seattle Reporter uses Seamus mobile to get attention

Who let the dog out?
a Seatle reporter named Nancy Guppy decided to use a dog kennel to transport herself to the Seatle Film Festival as some sort of protest against Mitt Romney.

After seeing her mugshot (left) it seems the dog kennel was appropriate. Come to think of it, her last name seems appropriate as well.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that the failure policy that can't run on their record and very scared will be out of free benefit from Obama will try to bring Mitt down but they are still have no plan to fix the economy and no ideas how to run,so just take what ever they can pick but out of topic or issue that will make the American people more reluctant from them.

Anonymous said...

The question here is was Ms. Guppy hurt or permanently scarred in any way? Did she do it of her own volition? I'm sure she did. So did the dog. I fail to see the purported inhumanity in this.

And by the way, don't dogs commonly stick their heads way out of car windows while driving down the freeway? What's the difference between that and a kennel and why is being held safely in a kennel so much worse?

Anonymous said...

Obama wants to know if it comes with fries?

Timothy Dilworth said...

That's a true attention-getter protest, unless you'll explain first why you're doing it. I believe court reporters west palm beach never tried such act. There are better ways of expressing things that you do not agree with, but if you think your way is great, well, go ahead. Stick your head out of the kennel.