Monday, May 14, 2012

Reactions to President Obama's Gay Marriage declaration

Pat Buchanan stated this Sunday on NBC's 'The McLaughlin Group' that President Obama's gay marriage declaration not only put his presidency in peril, It's also made the reelection of some Democrats like Claire McCaskill, Jon Tester and Tim Kaine more difficult and has energized conservatives and evangelicals for Romney, where he had an enthusiam deficit:

Texas Congressman John Cornyn had a different take on Obama's sudden revelation. He calls it an 'attempt to distract' from the real issues because he can't run on his record. Here he is on CNN's 'State of the Union':

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larry said...

They're both correct.

Terrye said...

Yes, they are both correct. And Obama wants money as well. He thinks this will help his fund raising.

Machtyn said...

It has helped his fundraising. He got over $1 million in 90 minutes after his announcement.

However, he's lost the war for a little bit of adulation.