Tuesday, May 8, 2012

President Obama hits a new low: Blame the Military

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey told Sean Hannity tonight that the Obama Administration drafted a memo to protect the president from blame if the mission to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden would have failed. That way Obama could blame the general instead of taking the blame himself. Mukasey wrote about it this week in The Wall Street Journal.

“That was a highly lawyered memo (designed to protect the president politically)… I think there’s going to be more that’s going to be tumbling out about that escapade but so far that memo is enough.“

The full story is HERE.

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Doug NYC GOP said...

Unsrupulous Bastard!

Machtyn said...
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Machtyn said...

As I've stated elsewhere:
#OBL #Obama #DNC #GOP | If you can't take the blame, you can't take the credit. | http://on.wsj.com/JNOr8Z | http://youtu.be/WqaaokIUqD8