Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PPP Polling: Obama leading Romney in VIRGINIA

Head-To-Head: (Previous results from December 2011

Barack Obama 51% (48%)
Mitt Romney 43% (42%)
A survey of 680 Virginia voters was conducted April 26-29, 2012. The MOE is +/-3.8%.
The crosstabs can be viewed HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Why are you quoting BS PPP polls???

Rasmussen and last Roanoke poll had Mitt up in VA. This is pure garbage

BOSMAN said...

It's like this, I post hundreds of polls with Romney leading and NO ONE COMMENTS. I post 1 poll with Obama leading and I get comments.

Perhaps I'm just checking to see if the comment section is working!

Anonymous said...

This poll is COOKED.......

Over polled Democrats and over polled woman.

Typical PPP poll throw it in the trash

silly said...

anon only likes PPP when Romney is winning.

Anonymous said...

As a woman, I am clearly for Romney over Obama. Virginia is poetic. Go Virginia.

And Bosman, your post presentation of polls is grade "A." I suppose the poll speaks for itself, especially the way you provide details of how and when the poll was taken. Great work. Your polls are the reason I come to this site.

Anonymous said...

I said "Go Virginia" because most polls say that Romney is winning. I often suspect media people of provoking conflict for ratings, it sells. I don't respect it.

Anonymous said...

Pollster do get a reputation

Anonymous said...

*pollsters have reputations