Thursday, May 17, 2012

Obama to Reverend Wright: "You know what your problem have to tell the truth"

Oh...and there's lots more.

Ed Klein author of "The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House" sat down with Sean Hannity Wednesday night and revealed a side of President Obama that team Obama and the liberal media would like to keep under raps.

Unfortunately for President Obama, Reverend Wright gave a 3 hour taped interview with Ed Klein that Klein was more than happy to share with Sean.

Here are the Hannity segments with the very damaging Reverend Wright audio:

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Terrye said...

I do not think most people care about Reverend Wright anymore than they cared about Whitewater. Sad but true.

Machtyn said...

Besides, the person we are running against is Obama, not Wright. There are plenty of failed and bad policies coming from Obama, that we can run a year's worth of a campaign just on Obama's own record and his own flip-flopping words. There is no reason to go after Obama's 4+ year old associations that he himself has thrown under the bus.


Bob said...


I disagree.

This has nothing to do with Reverend Wright and everything to do with the fact that President Obama's view that people who feel they have to tell the truth is a problem.