Thursday, May 3, 2012

Newt Gingrich officially bows out in a WEIRD sort of way (FULL VIDEO 05-03-12)

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Anonymous said...

That is NOT how you exit the race.

You exit ..... stating "I am ending my campaign today. I am proud to endorse and fully support Mitt Romney for President."

Since I have written your exit speech ... maybe you can uae it soon.

Machtyn said...

The thing that infuriates the other candidates is that Mitt does not take politicking personally, even when the attacks were personal. It's all business.

Unfortunately, the other candidates *have* taken the attacks on their record personally. And many of them still have very bruised egos and are having a hard time letting go.

Sandra said...

Ron Paul 2012!!

Nobody, ever said...

Oh Sandra, you're SO convincing!

Anonymous said...

I like his praise for the way they budget in New Hampshire for balancing the budget by appropriating up to the revenue number. Funny since that's not how he ran his campaign. I do believe it was - spend first, raise later in the Newt camp. Perfect example of a politician saying one thing and doing another. This is yet another reason why we need Romney in office. Enough with career politicians!