Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mitt Romney: Some untold stories

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Having followed Mitt Romney over the years, it was no surprise to me when I read the following from an article titled, 'Big-Hearted Mitt':
One cold December day in the early 1980s, Mitt Romney loaded up his Gran Torino with firewood and brought it to the home of a single mother whose heat had been shut off just days before Christmas.

Years after a business partner died unexpectedly, Romney helped the man’s surviving daughter go to medical school with loans for tuition — loans he forgave when she graduated.

And in 1997, when a fellow church member’s teenage son fell seriously ill, Romney sprinted to the hospital in the dead of night, where he kept vigil with his terrified parents.
These stories are similar to testimonials I had already known about Romney. Like the time Romney closed down Bain Capital and took all 30 partners and employees to fly to New York to try to find one of his partner’s daughters who had disappeared in NYC. Then there was the time that an elderly neighbor of Romney in Belmont, Ma mentioned that her car was not working. She later found Romney in her garage fixing the vehicle. These are only a few of many that I’ve heard about over the years.

According to this article, the Romney campaign fears that bringing stories like these to light, might bring attention to Romney’s Mormon faith. Which for some, is still an issue. Romney himself is also reluctant to toot his own horn when it comes to personal acts of kindness. He believes that by helping one’s neighbors when in need is a natural act, not warranting any acknowledgment or praise.

As a Roman Catholic myself, I believe doing God's work regardless of your particular faith is still doing God's work. I also believe in my heart that most people of faith feel the same way.

I hope we come to a time when acts such as these can be celebrated without fear of any repercussions it may cause to ones particular career.

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Bev said...

Great piece on Mitt.

It's too bad that Romney's handlers do their best to keep these stories from the public.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading a piece that Dean Barnett wrote about driving Mitt around during his campaign for Senate. Barnett said that he had to stop so Romney could give money to everyone on the street who was asking for it. I know I read the story, but I haven't been able to find it. I would love to see this one re-posted. Like Mitt or hate him, this is who he is. He does take the "love they neighbor" commandment seriously.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, "thy" not "they." :-)


Machtyn said...

Bev, I don't think it is the handlers who are keeping the stories bottled up, I think it is just that Mitt doesn't talk about them.

Ann did an interview on Mitt Romney Radio a couple months back. She stated that people just have to ask him and he'll be willing to tell some stories. People just haven't been asking. Obviously, some stories need to be kept private and it's a balancing act to know which ones to tell.

Anonymous said...

Mitt is a humble man. He strongly believes in helping others without touting his own horn. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Let not thy left arm know what thy right arm is doing. These are some of the strong religious beliefs of the LDS faith.

Terrye said...

Perhaps Romney is afraid to be seen as preening. That is Obama's strong suit, not his.

I think it would be good for people to know about these things..after all, they are at least as important as cutting off some kids hair 46 years ago.

newark hawk said...

I've been following this entire presidential race fairly closely, and only once have I heard any of Mitt's good deeds discussed by a TV or radio talking head, and that was by Neil Cavuto about a month ago when he briefly mentioned Mitt's rescue of the drowning boaters and his temporary closing of Bain in order to help his partner find his missing daughter.

Hugh Hewitt & Michael Medved have probably mentioned Mitt's good deeds, but I'm not sure since I rarely listen to their talk shows.

Other than that, the media has pretty much been dead silent about Mitt's numerous good deeds & acts of kindness.

Quite the contrast with their fawning like school girls over Obama's "hope & change" 4 years ago.

Since the media won't do it for him, I think Ann Romney could be the perfect surrogate for Mitt on this subject, if Team Romney encouraged her to do so far more frequently than she has thus far.

Dave said...

I know about a lot more of such stories, but it misses the point. We are commanded by Christ to be charitable and to love one another....we're also commanded by Him to not talk about it.

Mitt's entire quest for the Presidency is an act of charity. The nation needs rescuing from a very ugly fate, and Mitt knows how to do it.

Keep the subject on the Economy.