Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mitt Romney at the Latino Coalition Economic Summit (FULL VIDEO 05-23-12)

Mitt Romney outlined his plan to improve America’s schools and called education, the “greatest civil rights issue of our era and our greatest challenge.”

“Let’s not kid ourselves – we are in the midst of a National education emergency,” the Republican Presidential candidate said. "The only reason we don’t hear more about it is because our economic troubles have taken our national attention away from the classroom.”

He also criticized the President's and the Democratic Party's relationship with the teachers unions. "Whenever anyone dares to offer a new idea the unions protest the loudest. The teachers unions are one of the Democrats' biggest donors and one of the president's biggest campaign supporters," he said. "So Obama has been unable to stand up to union bosses and unwilling to stand up for our kids

The full story is HERE and the video below:

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