Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's time for Catholics, Jews, and minorities to step up to the plate for Romney in November

H/T Moi

A Right Speak regular made the following comments in our chat box and I couldn't agree more:

Moi: Someone needs to write an article about voting party lines and tradition (a la Tevye/Fiddler on the Roof). Why else would an absurd number of Jews vote Democrat, despite the fact that it is
05/16/12 10:52 AM

Moi: the Republican party that consistently shows solidarity behind Israel? Why else would Catholics vote Democrat, despite the fact that the Republican party fights for pro-life and traditional marriage?
05/16/12 10:53 AM

Moi: We can also depart from religion and ask why minority groups vote Democrat (and high unemployment and welfare) when it is the Republican party that fights for more and better
05/16/12 10:53 AM

Moi: jobs and the accompanying pride and well-being. The only think I can think of that would account for this is tradition.

I think Moi hit this one out of the ball park.

I can’t speak for Jews and minorities, Moi said it all above. But as a Roman Catholic, I have NO PROBLEM pointing out the hypocrisy of any Catholic who decides to pull the lever for Obama in November.

As a Catholic, you can’t rationalize the abortion issue as a one’s personal choice and be true to your faith. That’s no different than standing by and watching someone murdered and thinking to yourself, I didn’t take that life. When actually, YOU DID. By standing by and allowing this murder to take place without doing EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER to stop it, you’re an accomplice. And that’s Just as bad.

So my fellow Catholics, stop kidding yourself. You can’t be pro-choice or neutral when it comes to abortion and be a good Catholic. They can’t co-exist!

Voting Pro-Choice Obama out of office is within your power. Time to STEP UP TO THE PLATE!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love ya, Bosman

kelly said...

Thank you Bos, this needed to be said.

ConMan said...

These groups need to put their votes where they claim their hearts are.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Andrew Breitbart say at CPAC before his untimely death: "This isn't your mother's Democratic party!"

Traditions need to be reexamined from time to time.

Thanks for posting, BOSMAN!

- Moi