Friday, May 4, 2012

Democracy Corps Poll: Romney and Obama tied nationally

Head-To-Head: (Previous poll from Feb 2012)

Mitt Romney 47% (45%)
Barack Obama 47% (49%)

Head-To-Head (with Independent):

Barack Obama 45%
Mitt Romney 43%
Buddy Roemer 7%
A survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted April 28 - May 1, 2012. The MOE is +/-2.5%.
The crosstabs can be viewed HERE.

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Anonymous said...

The single poll was done by a small, privately hired polling firm, which asked if the only choices were Buddy Roemer as the Americans Elect, independent nominee and Obama as Democrat, and Republican, who would they vote for. Obviously this poll was paid for by Roemer and was set up to maximize his numbers.

Considering how many voters are unhappy with both Obama and Romney, Buddy Roemer should not crow about receiving only 7%. It is not something for Roemer to celebrate. It is a devastating rejection of him.

Roemer often claims that if he is on the ballot against Obama and Romney, he will receive 41% of the vote and win the election, because Obama and Romney will divide up the rest, each in the 20% -30% range. He argues that he will win some votes from both major parties, Democrat and Republican, and will win most independents. So for him to receive only 7% in this set-up poll shows that his BIG STRATEGY is a fantasy. Actually, with other independents in the race, such as Libertarian, Green Party, etc., Roemer's 7% would almost disappear.

Anonymous said...

I am urging you to go to and support Buddy Roemer for President.
It’s free- you just sign up and click for support (it’s quick and non-binding- you can still vote for whoever you want in November). You must be a registered voter- if not, register first. Americans Elect’s a charity that’s tired of D.C. politicians who solicit hundreds of millions of dollars from lobbyists, then represents them- not “We The People”.

Roemer’s independent- a former Congressman, then Governor. He, now, runs his own $750 million Louisiana private bank which took no bailout and foreclosed on not one homeowner. He says, “D.C.’s not broken- it’s bought and paid for”.

He says he loves true, free market American capitalism, but our current system at the top is “corporate chrony-ism” having D.C. politicians in bed with multi-national corporations (such as GE who profits billions, pays no taxes and keeps moving jobs overseas) and the Wall Street investment banks (Goldman Sachs, etc. who are given trillions in zero-interest US dollar loans which the Federal Reserve creates out of the air for them- devaluing our dollar, causing inflation- to keep investing in “modern, bullcrap” derivatives which profit Goldman-types billions, creating no US jobs).

Americans Elect is set up such that if any candidate who accepts being named gets 10,000 supporters, they will be on the ballot in all 50 states. It supports no candidates- merely acting as a well-structured forum for the American people to get anyone they like on the ballot without “D.C. party bosses” involved.

If you’re less than thrilled about Obama who campaigned in 2008, “rewrite NAFTA and stand up for American workers” (he hasn’t and since, keeps ramming more “free trade” deals through) and said in October 2011 he’s “with Occupy Wall Street” (then- in December, 2011 he attended a $35,800 per plate fundraiser for his presidency sponsored by Goldman Sachs- or, as Buddy Roemer- an honest banker- calls them, “Goldman Friggin’ Sachs” !) and you’re less than thrilled by former corporate raider, polished Mitt Romney, go to and and check out Buddy Roemer- a 68-year old grandpa who grew up on a cotton farm, went to Harvard at the age of sixteen, was a hard-working, honest politician and is a successful, honest businessman who loves America. “Youtube” him for a glimpse. He needs you support, now, as Americans Elect’s deadline is approaching.