Friday, May 11, 2012

America Is Losing Its Mind

On the home page of the Washington Post, one can click on the following links:

"Capeheart: Romney hijinks were and are bullying"
"Cohen: What does Romney's bullying tell us?"
"Marcus: Romney's troubling response"
"Romney's School Pranks Had Edge"

That is only the Post. I have had to completely stop reading Andrew Sullivan. The Daily Beast is not far behind. 

I kid you not, we are literally talking about a prank that a man committed 50 years ago as a teenager. This is beyond insane. I almost have to pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming this. There are people walking around on this planet who are outraged over this. OUTRAGED!

I would say that it is the lamestream media who is pushing a hit piece on their favored candidate's opponent. But this kind of pettiness is an epidemic in America. Republicans, beginning with entertainer Sarah Palin, have spent the past four years questioning Barack Obama's integrity. Prior to the Obama administration, Democrats spent eight years questioning the integrity of George W. Bush. Whoever wins in 2012 or in 2016 or in 2020 will be accused of horrifying acts of character-revealing misdeeds. It's a book that never ends and the chapters are all the same.

Instead of debating public policy and the actual issues facing our country, we are discussing the dog on Romney's car or the dog that Obama ate as a youngster. When we are not discussing dogs, we are discussing an entertainer who called a young girl a slut, or a washed-out rock star who make dangerous comments about the President. The Democrats have spent the past several months accusing Republicans of waging a war against women. The only thing that Republicans and Democrats can agree on is that the other is really, really, really awful.

It's not the media. They only deliver a product that we all enjoy. The problem is us. We join a certain team early in life and we are thus quick to call unjust any negative comment about our team. When the comments are meant to slander the character of the other team, then those comments become truth.

I believe that Mitt Romney would make a better President than Barack Obama. But I will not lie about Obama. I will not accusing him of character flaws, when there is no evidence that such flaws exist. I will not try to spin small insignificant incidences into something that reveals the "true character" of the President. I hate it when Democrats did it to Bush and now to Romney. I hate it when Republicans do it to Obama. It's wrong no matter who does it.

I need to go take a shower after reading the "news" today.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Pablo...well said!


Machtyn said...

I take issue with one little statement in this otherwise well written piece.

we are literally talking about a prank that a man committed 50 years ago as a teenager.

This assumes Romney is actually guilty. Which, as it(TheBlaze) turns(ABCNews) out(, is not true. Romney doesn't remember doing it, his apology was a general, "Sorry for pulling pranks" apology. The "victims" family doesn't remember it (see the links). One of the "eye witnesses" in the story was neither an eye nor a witness. In fact, he had only heard about it a few weeks ago when approached by the WaPo.

This story's legs are being knee-capped from every direction. Did Romney pull a number of pranks? Yep. He sounds like a regular James Potter to a Severus Snape. But nearly everyone mentioned in this article has high praise for Mitt in other articles.

I will not accusing [Obama] of character flaws, when there is no evidence that such flaws exist.
Me too. There is already soo much more problems that dog Obama than to go after his character flaws. Such as Obama's own doctor hates ObamaCare(

Anonymous said...

I feel great about it. utter proof that the other side is losing and has NOTHING

cimbri said...

I'm not worried about it, it's going nowhere fast. Let them talk for a few more days. That's the mainstream media, not much you can do about it.

newark hawk said...

Let's see ... 50 years ago Romney gave his high school classmate a free haircut, and 30 years ago he took his dog on a long road trip ... is that all that the Dems got?!?!?

newark hawk said...

Obama is still blocking legal efforts to subpoena his birth certificate from Hawaii state records.

What's "the most transparent Administration in history" trying to hide?

If that's not a character flaw, I don't know what is.

newark hawk said...

Or perhaps we should applaud Obama and his pals in the media for orchestrating the biggest hoax in America's history.

Terrye said...

The whole thing is absurd. Bill Clinton was accused of all kinds of stuff and the press just ignored it..until Drudge made that impossible to do.

Anonymous said...

Pablo, I hear you. Well argued. We all wish the world were a better place. But it’s not. In the political sphere especially, we have to buck up and embrace the tough love embodied in the paradoxical dictum from Matthew 10:16: “Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

The media’s obsession with a previously unreported high school incident that may or may not have happened nearly a half-century ago, and likely did not happen as “remembered” almost 50 years later by teenage Romney’s fellow classmates—now candidate Romney’s partisan critics—is reminiscent of the same media’s fixation on “etch-a-sketch” earlier this year.

A week or two after “etch-a-sketch” electrified the online political blogosphere and cable news networks, POLITICO—a leading proponent of this anti-Romney meme—was shocked (shocked!) to learn that few people outside the media bubble knew anything about this faux brouhaha, much less cared about it or viewed it as a negative for Romney.

So, too, I would contend, is the flap du jour about Romney’s alleged “bullying” of a schoolmate in high school in 1965 (an individual who, as far as we know, never mentioned the episode to anyone and who is now, sadly, deceased). Surveys will eventually show that few people outside the media bubble care about a resurrected incident among high school boys that supposedly took place nearly 50 years ago.

Most voters outside the media bubble have interactions with actual high school boys from time to time, and know what kinds of things they are prone to do. Indeed, most former high school students of all ages and genders hope to God that no one ever digs up all the dumb and outrageous things they said and did back in grades 9-12. Former teenagers of all ages and religions—except those in the media bubble, of course—would undoubtedly second Jesus’ comment to the would-be executioners of the adulterous woman in John 8:7: “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Anonymous said...

I agree that this "bullying" story about Mitt is pretty shaky, at best. Of course, it is far overshadowed by the admitted (illegal) drug use by our current President. That is all that Republicans need to do to kill this story, if it manages to circulate outside of the bubble.

Partisanship has always existed in the United States. Always. All you have to do is read history, and you will find more of the same. Don't give up on America, yet.