Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Would someone please tell Gingrich & Paul, IT'S OVER???

Not only has the fat lady sung, she's developed laryngitis.

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Anonymous said...

Newt and Rick want cash and prizes before they will endorse Mitt! How sweet. Both are living under the illusion that they have leverage.

Who the hell cares about their endorsement? The Romney campaign cannot possibly. If Mitt throws them a bone it will only be because he's a nice guy.

I sure hope he doesn't. Let them wither.


Machtyn said...

To put it more succinctly, Martha, the only reason Newt and Rick were doing well is because they were not named Mitt Romney. Rick Perry could have stayed in and been the chief ABR, but he didn't.

Noelle said...

Gingrich's top advisor has announced that Gingrich will formally suspend his campaign next Tuesday, and "more than likely" endorse Romney at that time.

It's about time.

Now let's all unite behind Romney and work together to defeat (hopefully crush) Obama in November.

Publius Nemo said...

I think the voters last night just told them. Mitt2012!

Anonymous said...

The PaulBots...will never want Ron to drop out of the race ...even if RP died they would vote for him...