Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Romney Leader of GOP - Rassmussen

In news that is sure to sour the stomachs of whiney ABR's everywhere, Mitt Romney is now seen as the leader of the Republican Party, and no one else is even close, according to a new Rassmussen poll released Monday.

Romney dominates the results, besting his current GOP nomination rivals Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and New Gingrich, Talk Radio giant Rush Limbaugh and former GOP superstar Sarah Palin.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey gave Likely U.S. Voters the names of eight well-known Republicans, including the four finalists for the party’s presidential nomination, and asked which was the leader of the GOP.

Here are the results:

Is the leader of the Republican Party Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, John Boehner, Rush Limbaugh, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin or someone else?
  • Romney26%
  • Boehner — 13%
  • Paul — 7%
  • Limbaugh — 7%
  • Santorum — 6%
  • Gingrich — 4%
  • Ryan — 4%
  • Palin — 2%
  • Other — 17%
  • Undecided — 14%
Here are the results of the same question to just Republicans:
  • Romney27%
  • Boehner — 14%
  • Santorum — 12%
  • Gingrich — 6%
  • Paul — 5%
  • Limbaugh — 4% or less
  • Ryan — 4% or less
  • Palin — 4% or less
  • Other/Undec — 25%

Expect more such as this as the rallying around Romney momentum continues, as he nails down the nomination and enters the General Election phase of the campaign.

Intersting to note the numbers are in that 27% range, which Romney has had a firm grip on throughout this campaign. That dear friends IS the GOP base and they are solidly and squarely with our soon to be nominee.

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Anonymous said...

I Knew this.

BOSMAN said...

Nice find Doug.

Romney scores better with Republicans than when Dems/Indies are included.

I haven't heard 1 network mention this poll yet.

Anonymous said...

President G.W. Bush, especially after his wasted second term, left the GOP without clear leadership. We are still recovering from the vacuum he created by not cultivating younger executive talent who might have competed with him. Mitt Romney has already entered into the gap and will fill the essential leadership role that the GOP desperately craves. If elected, Romney has the potential to be the most inspiring, consequential president since Reagan.


@ Anonymous 5:20 PM

Romney won't make the same mistake that Bush 43 made by selecting a VP(Dick Cheney) who was too old & too sickly to succeed him in the Oval Office.

Nor will he make the same mistake that Bush 41 made by selecting a VP(Dan Quayle) who was too unaccomplished & inexperienced to succeed him in the Oval Office.

Nor will he make the same mistake that Ronald Reagan made by selecting a VP(Bush 41) who would not continue his conservative legacy and in so doing severely damage the GOP brand.

Romney will choose a VP who is ready, willing & able to be a conservative president on day-one, if necessary, or via the ballot box in 2020.