Monday, April 2, 2012

Rick Santorum's Comments Reach Absurd Status

Rick Santorum has previously made many outrageous remarks, but his comments reached the absurd level on Saturday and Sunday.  The first assault Santorum made was on Paul Ryan during a speech on Saturday.  He made his second hit on G. Terry Madonna on Sunday while on a Fox News broadcast.

Santorum clearly respects Congressman Paul Ryan.  Just in the past week while campaigning in Wisconsin, Santorum applauded Ryan’s budget plan, visited Ryan’s birthplace and spoke very highly of Ryan while giving his speech.

However on Friday, after Ryan’s advisers contacted the Santorum camp as a courtesy to inform them Paul Ryan would be endorsing Mitt Romney, Santorum’s tone was completely different.

On Saturday, it became very clear that Santorum was unhappy with Ryan's endorsement when his endearing reference of Ryan being ‘a great Wisconsinite’ had changed.  During Santorum’s speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition he referred to Ryan as some other Wisconsinite, as he talked about Ryan’s tax reform plans.

Next on Sunday, Santorum was a guest on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Wallace asked Santorum how he felt about the latest Franklin & Marshall College Pennsylvania polls which show him and Romney in a virtual dead heat.

Santorum responded to Chris Wallace by calling G. Terry MadonnaA Political Hack.”  Madonna is a very well respected nonpartisan political science professor and who is also the director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College. 

In a phone interview, Madonna responded to Santorum’s personal assault saying, 
“Santorum is “entitled to his own opinions; he’s not entitled to his own facts.” 
“Number one, I’ve never polled for any party or any candidate in the 21 years that I’ve been polling, first at Millersville University and now at Franklin & Marshall College,” Madonna said. “Number two, as I said in a tweet, I had Santorum winning in ’94 and 2000. He won. . . . I had him losing in ’06 to [Sen. Robert P.] Casey, which he did. In 2010, I did a bunch of congressional races in our state; I did now-Senator [Patrick J.] Toomey and Gov. [Tom] Corbett, had Republicans winning in all those races. They won in all of them, in every poll that I did in 2010.”
“So this ‘Democratic hack’ — me — shows all these Republicans winning?” Madonna said. “I don’t understand that.”
Madonna also tweeted out his frustration after the incident:

Rick Santorum's recent comments are a very clear indication that he will voice personal frustration of his failing GOP race standings by belittling others for his own solace.


Doug NYC GOP said...

This bottowm dwelliing/feeder needs to drummed out of the race.

There is a reason he was languishing at 1% for months - he sucks. The only reason he gained any traction is due to all the other non-Romney's imploding or exploding - and Talk Radio hyping him up in last minute desperation.

He is the red faced, screaming little brat who was given permission to stay up an hour past his regular bedtime, but now won't go.

He is clinging to the little red fire truck, stamping his feet and screaming "I WON'T, I WON'T" - thouroughly embarassing his parents who have company over.

Time for bed now Little Ricky. Be a good little boy...before Daddy kicks your ass!

(Obviously I don't have children ;) )

Terrye said...

What an ass.

Anonymous said...

This pic says it all:

Machtyn said...

The thing about Santorum, that I don't know if he recognizes, is that he is killing his brand. He is not winning friends nor influencing people.

His "Rooster" habit is really harming him right now. He seems to enjoy the battle so much that he fails to know when to turn tail and run. Does his vindictiveness know no bounds? Perhaps he is using Gingrich as his role model?

Diana Rae said...

@Machytyn, I have no doubts he is using Gingrich as a role model. Haven't you noticed lately he is using the "Massachusetts Moderate", "Reagan this" and "Reagan that" mantra?

I guess he forgot that drivel didn't work for Newt either.

hamaca said...

He's the north side of a south bound mule.

Anonymous said...

Doug NYC GOP -- Your comments made my day! I agree with you 100%: "There is a reason he [Santorum] was languishing at 1% for months - he sucks." Yup, there's a reason he was relegated to the farthest end of the debate stage in roughly 18 out of 20 meetings - he didn't deserve more than a passing glance.

Once all the real Evangelicals dropped out of the race or were put on life-support, Santorum was chosen by self-appointed Evangelical religious leaders as their designated candidate. Credible numerical data from almost all the primaries to date indicate that voters who identify themselves as BOTH "very conservative" AND "Evangelical" are the ONLY demographic that Santorum wins in state after state. (Yes, other individuals do vote for him for their own reasons; but the only GROUP that supports him in huge numbers is best described as "very conservative Evangelicals.")

Support for Santorum is not driven by "Tea Party" goals, contrary to what talk radio is even now trying to suggest. It is about religion and "very conservative" social values.