Thursday, April 12, 2012

Obama's Fairness Doctrine: Eerily Familiar

We certainly don't see the White House living the Buffet Rule. This POTUS lives like Louis XVI

President Obama says the Buffet Rule is rich people paying their FAIR share. What he fails to clarify is his definition of fair. It's a truly hallow statement without follow-up definitions. It's rhetoric in its purist form. Fair sounds good to every American man, woman, and child. Not even our enemies would disagree with Obama on that issue. The Taliban wants fairness in Afghanistan just as much as we do. So what's the difference? The difference enters the picture when we define fair. To the Iranians it is only fair that the Israelis are wiped off the face of the earth. To homosexuals fair means same sex marriages. For some Native Americans it means restoring native lands. For Southerners in 1860 it meant secession. For the French after the WWI it meant crushing German reparations. For Vladimir Ilyich Lenin it meant Communism. And in France today there is an election coming up and a similar Buffet like Rule is being proposed but at 70% vs. Obama's 30%. Is that more fair?

Calling the Buffet Rule more fair is anything but fair. Rich productive people already shoulder the tax burden disproportionately. The one group of people it will certainly affect the most is the working middle class. People who look to capital for investment. Without incentive in the form of lower secondary capital gains taxes why should those who have accumulated great wealth invest in the markets, private equity, or city, state, and municipal projects? But that is really just a distraction from the larger picture. The real question is how much government involvement do Americans want in their daily lives? As it is now there are thousands of new laws every year, hundreds of new taxes, and dozens of new government programs and shockingly not one federal budget to control any spending. We are quickly approaching the breaking point and politicians (especially the President) play rhetorical games and throw out hallow words like fair to the clamor of a numb constituency.

Barak Obama is answering these greater questions and has been for three years yet it goes almost unmentioned in the mainstream media news outlets. At every point in his presidency when given the opportunity to downsize government he has increased it. At every point to decrease spending he has borrowed more. At every opportunity to cut regulation he has created more red tape. He has sent the signal that Americans, rich and poor, are not capable to spend or invest our own money and that government is far better qualified to make those decisions for us. From ObamaCare to the Buffet Rule one thing is consistent: Obama is embracing a European style welfare states and government controlled economy. The play has been running in Europe for the last 60 years and the ending will be no surprise. We will become a small floundering nation without resolve and without prosperity but we will all of us be equally demotivated and poorly taken care of as wards of the state. All of us except the ruling elite. 
My question to the President is a simple one. How has it not worked? Is this not the greatest country on God's green earth? How did we get here? America and our free market capitalism has done more good for the world than all other nations throughout history combined. Capitalism and free markets are the great equalizers. Capitalism does not see color, sex, or creed. If you have something someone else is willing to purchase than color, gender, and religion are irrelevant. We did not arrive here by throwing out our past or turning our backs on capitalism and the right to choose. Barack Obama's fundamental problem is he does not see America straight. Do we have problems? No question about it. The biggest problem right now though ironically occupies the White House. What we've done in the past has worked and we need to double down and adjust not start over. Obama continues to spend us to death and he seems completely out of touch with common America as extravagance in the White House grows to alarming grandeur even in times of extreme deficits. It's time to send a wake up call to Washington and a reality check to the White House. We've had enough! 

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dgenetaylor said...

Good post. Thank you. Nemo, you may be aware that deep down within Mormon Doctrine there are teachings that encourage equal outcomes, i.e., "If you are not one, you are not mine." I would wager the even Mitt Romney has been exposed to some of these teachings, that have objective that are not so different from some of the goals of the modern Left. However, the huge (giant) difference is in process; Voluntary giving (to lift up the poor among us) is a fundamental teaching of normative Christianity as well. The picture of the gun reminds me that the left wants equal outcomes--but at the point of a gun, implemented the excessive (taxation. Religious folk, including Mormons, assert that the process must be done in he context of 'Free Will" otherwise the same result (when coerced) is a great evil, not a great good. Is that too complex a notion for public instruction?

Anonymous said...

I found your post interesting. I hope the American people will realize just how "hollow" Obama's promises are.

Please note that the word should be "hollow" like a "hollow log" not "hallow" like "hallowed ground."