Friday, April 27, 2012

New Polls: Romney Surging With Independents

Mitt Romney is building a huge lead over President Barack Obama among the vital independent voters who are likely to decide November’s election, a new Fox News poll shows.

The two men are tied in the survey, each receiving 46 percent support, but Romney now holds a 13-percentage point lead over the president among voters who say they are not tied to either party.

That is more than double the lead that the presumptive GOP candidate had with independents just two weeks ago in a similar poll. When the question was asked in an earlier poll in March the two candidates were tied among independents.

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Machtyn said...

Reading the article about polling data on Race42012, we get the following list:
year - D/R/I
* 2010 – 35/35/29
* 2008 – 39/32/29
* 2006 – 38/36/26
* 2004 – 37/37/26
* 2000 – 39/35/27

I suspect that the ratio this year may be 35/36/30. With that assumption, the Independent vote will be VERY important. I have heard about enough Dems wanting to vote FOR Romney and a lot of Repubs want to vote against Obama, that it may be a very good Nov 6th for our guy.

Still, the process is going to be a long slog, the race will be tight, but I say Romney wins by 5+ points. Will he get the EC votes necessary? I think so, but still - close.

Machtyn said...

Hmm, let me revise my ratio prediction - 34/35/30

Publius Nemo said...

It's all going to come down to economy. Romney is very focused and I suspect he will continue to be. If he does this will be a good election for the GOP. Is is just me or does Obama seem to be stumbling early on?

Machtyn said...

PN: He's been campaigning for 2012 ever since he won 2008. I'm not surprised he is stumbling this far out. Obama still has time to recover though. That's got me a little worried.