Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Merrill/Morrison Institute Poll: Romney leading Obama by 2 points in ARIZONA


Mitt Romney 42%
Barack Obama 40%
Undecided/No Opinion 18%
A survey of 448 registered voters was conducted the second week of April. The MOE is 4.4%
The full story is HERE.


cimbri said...

We're in good shape there, considering that most undecideds will break for the challenger.

Right Wingnut said...

Keep thinking that, cimbri. Mitt should be up by 10 in Arizona.

Terrye said...


Mitt might well be up by 10 by the election. This is one poll months out. I know you are hoping Mitt will lose, but do you have to be so obvious? BTW, I bet Sarah Palin would be 10 points behind...even in Alaska.

leighrow said...

I agree with Cimbri. The undecided in that poll was at 18%. It is too early,but since the Obama administration is aggressively suing the state and is not helping AZ with their immigration issues,I can't see how Obama will win AZ.