Wednesday, April 4, 2012

INTRADE: Hey Rick, is the fat lady singing yet?

If these folks are correct, the fat lady will be singing on the night of April 24:

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GOP Nomination:

The April 24 Contests:

I can hear the fat lady singing...CAN YOU?

Connecticut Primary

Deleware Primary

New York Primary

Pennsylvania Primary

Rhode Island Primary

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larry said...

I can hear her.

Terrye said...

If Rick Santorum keeps this up he will only hurt himself. I really believe that. After awhile, it won't matter anymore. Romney will be so far ahead that Rick can not hope to catch him, but if he creates more problems for the GOP he can forget his chances next time around.

I used to consider Rick Santorum to be my number 2 pick. I actually thought he might be a good VP at one time. No way I would vote for him now.

Anonymous said...


Does Rick think the people who have given Romney all those delegates are 'the establishment/aristocacy'?

Because it looks to me like it's just regular voters.


Machtyn said...

I do believe Santorum has hired Baghdad Bob's family as his campaign's spokespersons. He has also surrounded himself with yesmen. And he is completely delusional with the process. They now know they can't reach the 1144 delegate count, but they are bound and determined to make it a floor fight on a brokered convention.

Anonymous said...

I do think that sometime next week, Rick will come to his senses. He can't be that thick.


Noelle said...

How much more influence can be exerted on Rick Santorum to convince him to withdraw from the race. Is it too late for him to withdraw with dignity? Is his GOP credibility destroyed? Is it possible for him to rehabilitate his reputation so that he can have a future career in politics?

For me, he went from being essentially a nobody to my #2 pick to being a despicable liar. If he would have stepped down while he was still my #2 pick, I might have supported him in a future run. Right now, however, I find him to be dishonest, selfish and driven by his ego.

Anonymous said...

Noelle, so true. He sure wrecked his reputation with me, too. I guess campaigns bring out the best and/or the worst in people!


Paul said...

Agree with all the above. Santorum is like the villain in the classic love triangle, who ties the heroine up on a moving saw- mill table, because, as he says, "If I can't have her, no one can!" He is that petty, vain, and selfish. But then there is the issue with his lies and hypocrisy. I think it is too late for him to salvage VP consideration, but perhaps not too late to salvage future political office in some capacity. The latter would require passage of time and a measure of public amnesia, but would be definitely be worth getting out NOW, so his process of apology, repair, and rebuilding could begin. If he does not have the wisdom and self discipline to do this now, then he will have truly have established his irrelevance. It will be interesting to see if he can let go now, or go down in flames.