Sunday, April 15, 2012

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of hearing that Romney needs to unify the base


My question to all those that suggest this is, What is a winnable alternative to Obama?

It's not Romney's problem that your boy or girl didn't get the nomination, it's yours.

What are you going to do on November 6 if not vote for Romney?

1. Stay home? (Obama would love that)
2. Vote 3rd party (Obama would love that to)
3. Vote for Obama?

ALL OF THE ABOVE will insure an Obama victory?

No my troubled and mis-guided fellow Republicans. There is ONLY ONE COURSE for you that will help defeat President Obama. That is, supporting and voting for Romney and asking your friends and relatives to do the same.

It's not rocket science, You're either with him or by your actions or inactions your for Obama. There is no alternative.

So if you're waiting for Romney to wine & Dine you for your vote, Don't hold your breath. He's got more important things to do like beating Obama. His job now is winning over non-Republicans.

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Canda's Corner said...

Good point!!!

Anonymous said...

Spot on!

Anonymous said...

Loved your feelings exactly!

Bev said...


Terrye said...

Absolutely true...but that does not mean that these cry babies will all go along. In 2008 there were true conservatives who actually did sit home and let Obama doubt if Romney loses this election, they will be sitting home in 2016 as well.

After all, until and unless they can come up with someone who can actually win the nomination they are not going to be happy...and I am not sure I see that happening anytime soon. They prefer playing the victim.

Noelle said...

I agree with you 100%. Four years with an incompetent president is a long time. We cannot tolerate 4 more years.

Anonymous said...

The other thing is that for some in the base whatever Romney says it's 'I don't trust him.' So, what's the point of Romney saying something when he won't be believed.

The way I see it is that Romney is a very good, decent man--more than most--and he governed as conservatively as he could in a very, very liberal state. He's already said what's needed to be said to win over the base. They either chose to actually listen to him and believe him or get more Obama.

Though, hopefully not more Obama! A second Obama term would cause irreperable damage to the nation.

Machtyn said...

Terrye, I posit that they will never be happy. Even if Ron Paul had won or Sarah Palin had even bothered to run, much less win, they would not have been happy.

Machtyn said...

Terrye, I posit that they will never be happy. Even if Ron Paul had won or Sarah Palin had even bothered to run, much less win, they would not have been happy.

newark hawk said...

In recent presidential election cycles, the GOP nominee's selection of VP has usually, but not always, been used to balance the ticket ideologically and unify the party.

In 2008, the moderate John McCain selected the conservative Sarah Palin. They lost in November.

In 2000, the moderate Bush 43 selected the conservative Dick Cheney. They won in November, and won again 4 years later.

In 1988, the moderate Bush 41 selected the conservative Dan Quayle. They won in November, but lost 4 years later.

In 1980, the conservative Ronald Reagan selected the moderate Bush 41. They won in November, and won again 4 years later.

On the other hand, in 1996, the moderate Bob Dole selected another moderate, Jack Kemp. They lost in November.

In 1976, the moderate Gerald Ford selected another moderate, Bob Dole. They lost in November.

Selecting a running mate who balances the ticket ideologically has, in recent election cycles, yielded better results for the GOP than selecting a running mate who ideologically mirrors the top of the ticket.

Although Romney is a conservative, he is perceived by the voters as a moderate, and therefore must, IMHO, select a running mate who is perceived by the voters as a conservative.

VA Governor Bob McDonnell and SC Senator Jim DeMint are both perceived by the voters as conservative, are both eminently qualified to succeed Romney in the Oval Office, and are therefore, IMHO, Romney's best choices for VP.

I will be shocked if Romney looks elsewhere for his running mate.

Joel2012 said...

Your article mirrors exactly what I and others have recently posted on this site, especially pertaining to the three options conservatives have if they stubbornly refuse to get behind the front-runner. It's one thing to stay at home and allow a virtually unknown person to win the election, it's completely another thing to know the track record and failures of an incumbent in office and still stay at home, allowing him to win re-election. That would show much more than disdain for the front-runner than mere differences in opinion on policy, etc. Instead, it would reveal something that is much more personal against the front-runner. I hope it does not come to this as it would spell disaster for our nation.

newark hawk said...

I hate to admit it, because I am no fan of talk radio, but there are millions of Republican voters who follow the marching orders of their favorite talk radio blow hard.

If the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity aren't exited about the GOP presidential ticket, there are millions of GOP voters who will stay home on election day.

I'm sure Romney understands this unfortunate but undeniable fact and will select a running mate who can excite the blow hards on talk radio and the zombies who follow their marching orders.

Joel2012 said...

The good news is the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity would never advocate a stay at home policy. All will urge voters to back the eventual ticket and help end the incumbents time in office. Anyone feel differently?

newark hawk said...

Rush Limbaugh & friends would never openly advocate that GOP voters stay home on election day, but their lack of enthusiastic support for the GOP ticket would send the same message nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Great post Bosman. I've been thinking this myself every time RW talks about Romney kissing up to conservatives in the general.

First, he is conservative, and he's not going to change. But he is going to be smart about the way he chooses to appeal to independents.

And if 'conservatives' don't get on board, then they are idiots plain and simple. And we will have them to thank for the country going further down the drain.


cimbri said...

Rush, Levin and the gang have already depressed the turnout based on their never ending complaining of the last year. They need to affirmatively clean up their mess before election day.

Anonymous said...

My favorite line from your post is the last: “His [Romney’s] job now is winning over non-Republicans.”

I happen to disagree with typical definitions of “the base,” which tend to over-represent subgroups like the Tea Party, religiously oriented voters, and social conservatives—and under-represent fiscal and national-defense conservatives. The GOP base, regardless of how it is defined, will vote against Obama—or will be forced to live under his nationalized healthcare, illegal-immigration, and anti-military-defense programs, as well as 2+ more of his Supreme Court appointees, for decades to come. (In all likelihood, for much longer than that.) Ann Coulter has forcefully detailed these intolerable outcomes again and again.

To beat Obama, Romney must win more than “the base” of the Republican Party. There just aren’t enough Republicans to give him a victory. He has only 7 months to do this. He has to win disenchanted Independents, disaffected middle-class Democrats, and disillusioned businesspeople of all parties. It’s a steep uphill climb against an incumbent president. But, of all the GOP candidates this cycle, Romney is the only one who can pull it off.

Anonymous said...

Joel 2012 @7:43pm - As much as I abhor the relentless anti-Romney rhetoric that has been the stock and trade of Limbaugh, Levin, Ingraham, Savage, Beck, and (to a lesser degree) Hannity during the GOP primaries, I will give them all the benefit of the doubt. I believe all of these radio talkers are patriots. Meaning, they will put the good of their country above their personal preference and professional advantage. I hope to the Almighty that I am right about this.

Noelle said...

Anon 9:55. I hope you're right too. I used to believe the same thing, but now I wonder. I would much prefer that you be right, and I be proved overly cynical.

Ohio JOE said...

"And if 'conservatives' don't get on board, then they are idiots plain and simple. And we will have them to thank for the country going further down the drain."

Funny coming from somebody who refused to get on board last time. Also funny how Romneyites are Republican all of a sudden.

Joel2012 said...

When it's all said and done and likely sooner rather than later, everyone will get on board as there is too much at stake in this election. The incumbent must be a one and done candidate, period and these patriots know this. This is why they will not advocate a stay at home position to the conservatives that are still sitting on the fence.

Diana Rae said...

Oh my gosh Bosman. Thanks for taking the thoughts RIGHT OUT OF MY HEAD & putting them in to words.

I shake my head a lot listening to the vitriol that comes out of some people's mouths. "Romney was 'shoved down our throats!'" Well no, he wasn't. People VOTED for him. *I* voted for him!

I know it is heart wrenching to have your candidate lose, but, like any contest someone has to win! It cannot always be "your" team.

Fortunately, we are all *on the same team* = ABO! Let's DO this!

Rebecca Randolph said...

I've been trying to warn people that we cannot afford to alienate evangelicals and pro-lifers because there are A LOT of them that aren't regular voters so the ABO argument won't work there and they've been really focused on getting their members more politically active in the past few years plus they've got great organizational strength!! we've got to keep everyone united AND make sure they show up and vote in nov!!