Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fact Check: The Truth About Scytl and Votes Being Outsourced Overseas

Like many other voters I was shocked when I heard Michael Savage state on his show, "This is how Obama is going to steal the election" which is replayed in This Video.

The story went viral on Facebook and Twitter.  I thought to myself, "How could anyone allow Geoge Soros steal our votes!!"  I will admit I was so concerned that I actually wrote the Republican National Committee about the story.

I am sure you can magine my surprise and embarrassment when I found out the story was a hoax.

Fortunately, after a the story came out and people (including myself) went crazy, the facts finally did came out.  According to Snopes, the story is False.  You can read the entire explanation HERE.

I ask that before everyone starts their next tirade about "Snopes is OWNED by Soros!" you understand that this too is a myth.  That rumor has been debunked here, herehere and they even explain the facts themselves here.

So, now everyone can calm down,  We don't have to worry about our votes being outsourced overseas.  But, we still DO need to worry about Voter Fraud here in the states which is still alive and well - (err...well, some are dead too).

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Anonymous said...

Extraordinarily relieved that this is false. However, I am thrilled that people, like you Diana, didn't just moan and groan about it. Thanks for finding the facts and reporting them! - Moi

Machtyn said...

B-b-b-but, Snopes IS owned by liberal democrats!

phoo said...

Facts are facts. If it is well documented and substantiated, then the truth is the truth, no matter who reports it.

If a liberal democrat said that stealing was wrong, would that make stealing ethical simply because it was reported by a liberal democrat? This is called the "ad hominem" logical fallacy.

Anonymous said...

You've gotta be kidding me! Every sustantiating witness linked to is beholden to the same cabal of moneychangers. That's like giving your own feedback on eBay from numerous spoofed or corroborated IP addresses.