Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chris Christie's Speech at the GW Bush Presidential Center (FULL VIDEO 04-10-12)

Here is Chris Christie speaking at the GW Bush Presidential Center:

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Anonymous said...

Very good speech. Nice manner about him at the podium, with charisma laced with a serious edge. His record thus far in NJ is good,runnning a very conservative agenda, and if success continues into his second term, he'll be in a fantasitic position as a presidential nominee in 2016 IF Romney doesn't beat Obama in Nov. However, hopefully that will not be the case (Romney not winning), and then who knows what 2020 would bring. It becomes more fuzzy, as 8 years is a lifetine in politics and one can't make predictions about a race 8 years from now, based on today's economic climate and today's political players.

Jen. said...

Romney/Christie 2012:)