Thursday, April 26, 2012

ABC Ignores Its Own Revelation That Obama Was 'Wealthy' While Paying Off Student Loans

(ABC News)
ABC News has, thus far, ignored its own revelation that, contrary to insinuations made by Barack Obama, the then-private citizen and his wife "were making enough to be considered 'wealthy' by the president’s own definition in the years before his loans were paid off." ABC relegated this story to a posting on its website, not mentioning it on Wednesdays' World News or Nightline.

The story was similarly skipped on Thursday's Good Morning America. World News did touch on student loans, but only to accuse Mitt Romney of flip-flipping on the issue. David Muir dug up a clip of the Republican telling a college student to shop around and not expect the government to bail him out.

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Anonymous said...

Romney needs to make an issue of rising tuition costs. Tuition costs are getting out of hand largely due to union contracts and the fact that colleges take advantage of government's low interest loans. Colleges have billions in endowments,why do they continue to raise these rates? Someone needs to make colleges more accountable and rein in unions.

This will upset the unions but the unions and academia are already anti-GOP. What this discussion could do is to educate parents and the students on what is actually causing tuition to increase and Romney could propose solutions to address the rising costs of college.

Romney could become a champion for college students by addressing the real problem which is the out of control tuition rates.

Anonymous said...

How can he become wealthy just after he pay off his student loan? or you mean he became wealthy after he became president,that why he want to buy the second term presidency by the democrats and the American people $1 billion because the life in the white is too wealthy and very power full but he attacked Mitt for success and wealthy by his leadership,they ignored because Obama is wealthy when he is in the white house,if they talking about it will hurt him ,they attacked Mitt for too wealthy by his courageous and his ability.