Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why Democrats Are Wrong On Abortion

Sorry about delving into this topic when so many other things seem to be occupying our minds, but I think this can be a helpful reminder. Andrew Sullivan has given Jessica Delbalzo a Moore Award for the following quote:
"I love abortion. I don't accept it. I don't view it as a necessary evil. I embrace it. ... [T]here is no need to suggest that abortion be rare. To say so implies a value judgement, promoting the idea that abortion is somehow distasteful or immoral and should be avoided,"
A Moore Award is something that Sullivan gives to liberals when they make an obnoxious statement. However, Jessica is actually quite logical. If the "thing" inside of a woman's womb is a slab of fatty tissue cell, then there should be nothing "evil" or even "emotional" about extracting it. However, if the "thing" is the beginning of human life, then it would explain why some woman have emotional struggles deciding on whether to have an abortion. The idea that abortion is a "necessary evil" and only needs to be decreased makes absolutely no logical sense. That is why I tend to favor laws that require women to view their "things" before having an abortion. It seems like a compromise. If the "thing" really isn't life, then what are liberals so afraid of? The Virginia law has its problems and perhaps it isn't the best way to wage this fight, but it does reveal absurd logic of the Democrats' position.

As Republicans, we can be political about how to discuss abortion, but we should never give up the fight. 


Anonymous said...

When Arlen Spector announced his run for president in 1996, he gave a speech touting his pro-choice stance, wanted to make the GOP pro-choice, and his opposition to social conservatism. Well sitting behind him and clapping was Rick Santorum.

And again Rick claims he was helping out a friend.

Anonymous said...

top comment was mine


Anonymous said...

Mitt rally in Ill. Great video

Anonymous said...

in tx you have to get a sonogram before getting an abortion. i like that idea, if there is nothing shameful about it, why not face what you are trying to destroy? if there is no shame, why do women feel shame after getting one?

Anonymous said...

Anyone—however well motivated—who makes the mandatory probing of a pregnant woman’s vagina and/or womb a key component of anti-abortion legislation will lose the battle for life in the court of public opinion. I am a lifelong opponent of abortion, having been deeply troubled in 1970 when my state of New York was the first to pave the way for the legalization of abortion, even prior to Roe v. Wade. However, the recent legislative approach whereby state governments seek to compel a pregnant woman to be examined in her most intimate bodily parts, to try to change her mind about having a legal abortion, is intrusive governmental coercion directed specifically against women. It’s also stupid, arrogant, and self-defeating. The history of men’s putting all kinds of things up women’s vaginas, for all kinds of purposes, is a long and sordid one. Try to see this, try to feel it, from the vantage point of an already frightened pregnant woman lying on the examining table.

There is no shortage of informational materials, humane counseling, adoption services, and similar sources of support to encourage a pregnant woman to decide not to have an abortion. There is also the possibility that the horribly flawed Roe v. Wade decision will be overturned. But please don’t harden the hearts of women, including many pro-life women, by this foolish, perverse effort to shame them into submission.

Anonymous said...

erm, having a sonogram isn't intrusive. It's just rubbing something across your lower abs. There's nothing intrusive about that and it's silly to talk about it like it is.

Machtyn said...

Also, the probing thing, if that were to be set in law is ridiculous. It is a more dangerous procedure for the baby and not at all useful. Performing the sonogram - showing that there is an actual living, growing baby in there will do more.

At this point, though, the abortion proponents have lost. Technology has won over the logical debate that there is a living being in the womb. Those who opt for abortion are now doing so knowing that they are murdering their unborn child.

Fee said...

What or who gives someone the right to decide what to do with MY body? Nothing/ no one!!
And please, don't say something like "what gives you the right blabla"'s not like that it's a finished human being in the first 12 weeks. Just cells. No feelings, no emotion no nothing! And this is fact!

Stop trying to force YOUR moral on MY body/ life.

Your stuff is yours, mine is mine. nothing more- nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Fee if you are so for killing the innocent maybe being aborted would have been good for you I mean if you can't accept something you believe in happening to you what good are your beliefs? Besides you wouldn't be spewing your leftist "facts" on a conservative site.
That child is NOT part of your body nor is him/her your "life" or property you cannot own somebody else's life, at 22 days blood a brain and heartbeat the medical definition of alive and by the way the "its my body" argument is invalid old and stale try getting a new argument. It is tiring proving this old argument wrong and nonsensical time and time again

Anonymous said...

The idea that abortion is murdering an innocent life is horrendously incorrect. At the point of abortion the fetus (it can not be called a baby or a child or honestly a human being at this point) is only a handful of cells. Most of the time there is no gender, there is no part of the brain that can even process feelings; more often than not there is not even a heart. There is nothing in there that fits our definition of a human being. Yes, it could become one someday, but it is not one yet. The person that has it living inside them, on the other hand, is. They have to take care of it and raise it all their life. If they decide that they are not ready for this then it is not their decision. Now, do not say that just because they had sex, they are agreeing that they are ready for a child. People have sex even when they are not ready for a child. Sex feels fantastic and people will do it whether you want them to or not. Saying that because they had sex, then they are ready for a child is like saying that since you are ready to drive you are ready for a car accident.