Monday, March 5, 2012

We Ask America Poll: Romney leading by 1 Point in TENNESSEE

While not enough people pay attention to the delegate-heavy Volunteer State (we plead guilty), this beautiful, politically sophisticated area of the nation is important in the election juggernaut. And Romney’s machine appears to have clawed the former Massachusetts governor back into the game after being reportedly down by double digits.
GOP Nomination:

Mitt Romney 30%
Newt Gingrich 29%
Rick Santorum 29%
Ron Paul 12%
Undecided 0%
A survey of 1,023 likely voters was conducted March 4. The MOE is +/-3.06%.
The full Story is HERE.

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Brownsville said...

I don't think your survey of only 1000 people really gives the correct picture when RON PAUL'S events draw more than you even surveyed. My sister lives in Tennessee and the support for personal Liberty and the Constitution and Bill of Rights are very important. Especially Religious FREEDOM, Life Liberty and the Pursuit of our OWN HAPPINESS! Tennessee is voting RON PAUL 2012!

Anonymous said...

A 1000 sample is actually a large sample. This would be an impressive victory.

Anonymous said...

I love Paulians. They are such great cheerleaders! They think "There are so many people at our gatherings. Everyone must be voting for Paul!"

Anonymous said...

Paulbots are ALWAYS convinced that he's going to win every single primary/caucus...and then when he doesn't, they say it's because it's been rigged. Quite humorous actually. Very skewed view of reality.

Anonymous said...

Brownsville, When Ron Paul wins anything other than a useless online poll, come back and then we can talk.

Machtyn said...

B-b-b-but don't you know, only Paul has won any significant poll* against Obama. None of the others have.

* Significant poll means any poll supporting my candidate.


Seriously, though. Ron Paul has a very good idea for auditing the Fed and reducing the debt.

His very, very bad ideas about reducing our worldwide exposure, moving to a gold standard, etc, would be disastrous to our and the world's economy and to our and the world's precarious, yet stable balance of power.

Terrye said...

How many people turn up at a rally really does not have anything to do with how many people will vote.