Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Tuesday Results (03-06-12)

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Results below without Alaska: (CLICK CHART for update and larger view)

Mitt Romney: WON 6


Rick Santorum: WON 3

North Dakota

Newt Gingrich: WON 1


Ron Paul: WON 0

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Anonymous said...

Romney won Ohio! I am so grateful. Rick had the dems' "operation stop Mitt" on his side, as well. I wonder if Newt & Rick will be man enough to bow out of the race. I would prefer they go together.


Anonymous said...

Romney's leading in Alaska with 16% in:

Romney 31.7%

Paul 25.4

Santoru 22.6

Gingrich 19.9

Anonymous said...

Palin voted for the cheerful one.

Anonymous said...

Romney's leading in Alaska with 79% in:

Romney 33.3%

Paul 29.9

Santoru 21.7

Gingrich 14.9

Graham said...

Twice now blue-collar dems pull for Santorum and they STILL can't stop Romney.

Publius Nemo said...

Right on!

Teemu said...

Yesterday also 4 of 12 of the Wyoming counties that have right to select this delegate, other counties select an alternate, selected their delegate. The straw polls for these were earlier 2 victories for Santy, 1 for Romney and 1 for Paul, but Romney got the delegates from Laramie and Natrona, where Santorum won the straw polls by 5 - 7 point margins.

So delegates:
3 Romney - 1 Paul

In counties that Romney won, he won by large margins so county delegates are going to be probably 7 Romney, 3 Paul, then Santorum might get 2 if those don't get ninjaed :D

The rest of the 29 delegates, 17 are chosen by some sort of establishment process, which should be nice to Romney also.

Laramie County Delegate - Romney
Big Horn County Delegate - Romney
Natrona County Delegate - Romney
Weston County Delegate - Paul

Real Exams said...

Really much expected.

Real Exams said...

Really much expected.

Anonymous said...

Bos, that looks like a pretty darn good night for Mitt! Too bad the media can't see straight.


Terrye said...

That was a nail biter. I am glad to see Romney win Alaska, I heard last night that Palin voted or Gingrich. snort

Noelle said...

I saw a break down of Gingrich's win in GA, how he won most of the categories. What I didn't see was a breakdown of Romney's win in Massachusetts. What a fantastic blow-out win for Romney.

Machtyn said...

ND was a surprise. Then I learned they were an open primary. The Dems won that one for "The Liar".

Anonymous said...

Neat map. I expect Santy Panties to win South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, Texas. Romney to win California, New Mexico, Oregon, Montana, Utah, Hawaii, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Deleware, DC, Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois. And the states that will be a toss up will be Missouri, West Virginia, Indianna, Wisconsin. I think that Romney can take Wisconsin and Indianna and has a real shot at Missouri and will take a decent number of delegates from TX, whereas Santorum will not get hardly any from CA. So this looks like the race goes to the convention, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

I said that poorly, I think that romney will win outright, no brokered convention. I just think that this primary is going to drag on until Utah votes.


Graham said...

Keep in mind, Romney can still win Missouri :-)

Anonymous said...

In 2008, Romney had more delegates in his pocket than Santorum does at this point of the race and yet he stepped down on February 7th in order for the party to unite and focus on the General election. In 2012 none of the ABR candidates are willing to step down and it's already March 7th! Instead they will stay in the race for whatever delusional or arrogate reason and they will drain the GOP funding dry!

In the General the nominee will go up against the democratic machine already bloodied, bruised and out of money. In a year when the GOP should have been able to trounce the current occupier in the White house they are self destructing. The candidates in particular are selling the GOP's inheritance for a mess of pottage.

And if something doesn't change soon the GOP will go down in flames in November and I will be the first to remove my name and my funding from the GOP. The voters and candidates in this race (save Romney) are disgusting. Our nation is in dire straits and the GOP is simply throwing in the towel. The conservative talking heads have also shown their true colors. They are buying in to the left wing media message about Romney and they're shoving it down our throats. They aren't patriots - they're ego driven salesmen with no consideration for what damage they've been doing this election cycle. I used to love talk radio - I thought it was "stimulating." Now I see I've been pawned and taken advantage of. I'll be heading to the library to check out books on tape now. No more talk radio for me. I prefer not to be brainwashed with vitriolic garbage.

So unless things turn around very quickly I'll be bidding farewell to the GOP and its talk show puppets in the very near future. Where I'll go? I don't know but there has to be something better than this.


Anonymous said...


Maybe you should consider playing a role IN the party and helping change things from the inside out. That's what OJ is doing in Ohio. It has got to be frustrating, but becoming an independent doesn't allow you to have much say about what happens in most states. Our system really isn't designed well for 3 parties. I have been saddened to see the old "evangelicals are voting for Santorum" and hear people say that's good for Santorum. What I hear is "evangelicals won't vote for a Mormon." I am one. I still might involve myself MORE in the party, not less. Hope you'll think about it.


Anonymous said...


After re-reading my post, perhaps my anger is mis-directed. My post above would imply that I'm angry at the GOP in general when in fact I'm really just angry at the ubber-extremists that seem to be running the party into the ground when its really not necessary.

The funny thing is that I truly sympathize with the Tea Party, and other like-minded groups yet there is this streak of extremism that I honestly can say makes me quite uncomfortable. Seriously, how else can you explain that in 2008 Romney was the "Conservative Alternative" and won in rural areas all over the country and now in 2012 he's all of the sudden "not conservative enough"?

I mean really! You've got to be kidding me! He's the same bloody person he was four years ago! And now that the Country is tanking, the primary voters (acting at the whim of conservative talkers and other extremists) are going to abandon our best hope of defeating the most socialist President since Woodrow Wilson?! How can this be rationally explained? It can't, and that's why I'm so ridiculously upset.

I'm all for the GOP moving to the right on many issues - particularly fiscally speaking. But I don't see why Romney isn't the guy to do that. In fact he's the best guy to do that! And yet the conservatives want to glom onto what? The candidate who's supposedly MORE anti-abortion than Romney but can't win the general? Or the guy who's supposedly MORE Reagan-esque than Romney but would be raked over the coals by his Democrat buddies come November? Please people this is insanity!

Go ahead everyone - take us to a brokered convention! We'll see how that turns out after the GOP has been milked for every penny and slandered to the ends of the earth. And then we'll nominate Palin at the convention to go up against Obama and we'll really see what an arse-kicking feels like! Al for what? Because Romney (though plenty conservative in '08) wasn't conservative enough in '12? Whatever! This election cycle is going to drive me to drink!


newark hawk said...

Romney is struggling among hardcore conservative voters because the carnival barkers on talk radio & FOX have FALSELY branded him as a "moderate", "centrist", "establishment Republican" and "RINO".

Many of these very same carnival barkers endorsed Romney during the 2008 GOP race, calling him a "full-spectrum conservative."

Romney's policies & positions haven't changed at all since 2008.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said of the carnival barkers.