Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rasmussen Poll: Romney ahead by 8 in Mississippi

GOP Nomination:

Mitt Romney 35%
Rick Santorum 27%
Newt Gingrich 27%
Ron Paul 6%
Some other candidate 1%
Undecided 4%
A survey of 750 likely Mississippi Republican primary voters was conducted March 8, 2012. The MOE is +/- 4 percentage points.
The full story is HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I find these numbers hard to believe. Then again, Rasmussen is a top notch polling co.

jprockwall said...

The media on all sides are betting Romney will do poorly in the South. Are they basing their projections on history? (History is yesterday; sometimes events defy historical trends.) Or is the media's take based more on a possible elitist assumption, held by many on both the left and the right, that Southerners are no more than banjo plucking, ridge-running hillbillies, too dumb to think for themselves; who will vote for whoever the "Preacher Man" tells them to vote for?

Anonymous said...

Yeah... but to be fair Southerners are no more than banjo plucking, ridge-running hillbillies, too dumb to think for themselves, and will vote for whoever the "Preacher Man" tells them to.

jprockwall said...

Esteemed Anonymous, wouldn't it be nice to be wrong about that.

Machtyn said...

jprockwell, I hope he is wrong about that. We'll just have to see after the "Preacher Man" has his say on Sunday.

I think there are enough people who are starting to see the writing and may defy the "Preacher Man."

Anonymous said...

Generations of inbreeding have taken its toll.

Dave said...

What happened in Tennessee was that the polls were showing what was, in essence, a 3-man race. Romney went there because this polling showed a decent opportunity, and a lot of Gingrich voters wound up voting for Santorum....presumably to stop Romney.

The final result had Rick win comfortably, with Mitt taking second. If we don't see that in Mississippi, it will represent a breakthrough.

Mitt winning Mississippi would be great!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, Looks like the dumb southerners have wised up because aint no "preacher man" told em to vote for Romney!!!!! Sincerely, JazzyB

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am from the south and take offense to some of these "notions." I watch all the polls, the political news closely, the commentary, etc. I am an educated voter and many in my community in Tennessee are also. Too bad that too many saw it another way in my state on Super Tuesday, Still, please do count me in as someone who can be counted on to read, study, and pray before I vote because I take it very seriously, the right to vote. Mitt Romney 2012 all the way!!!

Terrye said...

I was born and raised in Oklahoma..and one thing about Southerners???They are not the ones who put Obama into the White House. I hope that Mitt does well in Miss and Alabama..but one thing I do feel comfortable that next November those Southerners will not be voting for Barack Hussein Obama..I am not so sure about those sophisticated folks in places like New York, California, and New Jersey as well as Minn and Wisconsin.