Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mitt Romney wins ILLINOIS....BIG TIME!!!

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I Believe I'm beginning to  hear the FAT LADY SING!...Can You?

This wins for you IG!

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Terrye said...

Well of course the new line is that turn out was low so they really hate Romney...Romney only won because he has more money and that is a sign that he is a bad guy etc etc

Romney has more money because he has more supporters.

Machtyn said...

2008 = 899,422
2012 = 917,046

LME said...

Yup. Check out the newest, freshest, up and coming conservative blog The Elephant in the Room at

Lionhead said...

I think the comments posted here & the chat box show that the MR's victory was not satisfying 'enough' for Right Speak commenter's. You're being defensive vs. gracious. Even MR's comments are softening for RS:

""-- there was a noticeable shift in tone from Romney in the final days of the campaign, as the increasing confident candidate turned cordial, if not conciliatory, toward his chief rival.

“Rick aspires to be the nominee just as I do, and I respect him for that,” Romney said in an interview with RealClearPolitics on Sunday evening. “But we get along just fine. I like him. We have no difficulty working with him and his campaign.”

That was the answer. The question? It was about who he might consider as a running mate.""

This is a redux of the dislike for Ron Paul that was displayed earlier on the blog. MR is being conciliatory, why can't folks here be?

Now, let's look at the vote win percentage & margin of victory (MoV) for MR. I'd like to have a county by county comparison to previous races to indicate participation rates, but I'm not likely to find it. So, here's a look at the percentage & MoV for previous winners. "Romney Carries Illinois Primary with Lowest Ever Winning Percentage"

"With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Romney carried the state with just 46.7 percent of the vote - the lowest winning total in 100 years of presidential primaries in the state."

Scroll down the page for previous Presidential candidates, especially ones that were more of a conservative bent such as Barry Goldwater with a 62.0% total vote & 36.7% MoV. The MSM may call the win decisive, but in context with previous races it doesn't look so outstanding.

Anonymous said...

In previous races, the rules were different and the campaign was basically done before Illinois. Comparisons with previous elections is comparing apples to oranges. "Turnout was lower than... blah blah blah" is looking for the dark lining of bright cloud.

Machtyn said...

That's a fair point, Lionhead. Perhaps, I am not as disciplined as to turn my defensive stance into a welcoming stance.

Granted, when dealing with the media, Conservatives have to be prepared to be defensive.

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