Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mitt Romney on 'The Tonight Show' (FULL VIDEO 03-27-12)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Noelle said...

This was a more informative interview than many I've seen on news outlets. It wasn't particularly funny, but I'd rather have a qualified commander-in-chief than a comedian-in-chief.

Inclined said...

It's refreshing to see an interview like this. I believe He's the man for the job.

DianaRae_FL said...

It was a great interview. Jay is an informative host. Jay actually asks pertinent questions, unlike Letterman.

I really enjoyed the interview.

Louise said...

Mitt did well in the interview but he needs to look at the audience once in awhile and acknowledge their applause. It is a great and easy place to connect with people, but he misses the opportunity. I have noticed this tendency with him on other talk shows.

Lg said...

This is a good point; however in any communication or public speaking education you are taught to look directly at the person you are addressing.

I saw that he did acknowledge the applause by either looking at the audience or smiling and nodding.

This was, as was said a very good interview and the most unbiased host of such that I have watched.

Kim said...

The response from the audience was great!

Anonymous said...

I really like him. He will turn things around.