Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mitt Romney interview with WNWO's Hubert Wiggins (VIDEO 02-29-12)

Fresh off his victories Tuesday night in the Arizona and Republican primaries the front runner for the GOP presidential nomination held a rally at a North Toledo manufacturing plant where WNWO caught up to him:

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Terrye said...

Just because it is tradition that a president must win Ohio...does not mean that is really necessary. It is electoral votes they go for..not particular states.

Machtyn said...

True, but it is a nice optic. I've seen the pundits call OH a must win for Santorum. Sure, MI was needed win for Romney, he got it, but he and Santorum still split the delegate count.

Anonymous said...

Santorum is hypocrite. He called MI home state for Romney. But he can't even get on the ballot in the state where he was born: VA.