Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mitt Romney campaign ads in ILLINOIS

Radio ad:

TV ad:

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Lionhead said...

Bosman, I wish you could furnish us with the robocalls to registered Republicans. These Tee Vee & radio adds are just an extension of Romney's carpet-bombing campaign which will end in a backfire epiphany for him on Election Day in November. His true short sidedness is showing for all to see; win the primaries, but fail in November. He takes for granted the Republican base will "fall inline behind him." Well, maybe not:

In reporting Campaign news, this has been overlooked by most in the MSM & right leaning blogs. The message here is showing the selective strategies of the candidates to cherry pick their battlegrounds, but to eliminate discussing the issues of interest in favor of defining their opponents through negative advertising, aka, propaganda.

So, using the medium of controlled messaging, the candidates expect to win in November after dividing & splintering the voting base. They will be unable to hide from Obama, his control of the MSM, & his message of defining the GOP nominee through their own negative campaign propaganda. This is a recipe for disaster in November.

Confirmation is shown in the form of the favorable ratings for Romney dropping & the voter enthusiasm for candidates declining. The need now is for a new candidate to emerge at the Tampa Convention who is 'clean' from this negative messaging. Conservatives of every stripe & flavor must hope this happens, or Obama will win in November.

Publius Nemo said...

Great advertisements. You have to remind voters that the elections isn't about women's reproductive rights and "phony" theologies, it's all about the economy stupid. Great ads!

Lionhead said...

The Blowback has begun: Exposure & Defection.

As the number of complaints are rising against the Romney Super PAC propaganda campaign, it's inevitable that the repercussions are increasing in the media & amongst Romney's Super PAC, Restore our Future staffers. Here are the opening examples in the media.

""He is becoming infamous for “negative advertising.” In Illinois as during the campaigns for the Iowa Caucuses and the Florida Primary, Mitt Romney and the super-PAC that works for him are dumping vast amounts of money into it. It is so much that instead of actually campaigning in Illinois, this last week, he spent two fundraising days in New York, from which much of his financial complex money comes."


But, what is this “negative advertising?” If one examines his advertisements, Romney’s ads do not supply facts that provide the voter with an honest picture of his opponent, from which to make a rational decision. Instead, they are highly sophisticated doses of propaganda meant to slip through the rational mind and into one’s conscious and unconscious impressions. The are the work for which progressives have recently become infamous, using the techniques of Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann, the techniques used by NAZI, Joseph Goebbels, as well as in the USSR’s Moscow and Red China’s Beijing.""

Now, you know why Romney fails to call out Obama as a Socialist; in fact, Obama is a Marxist, Romney is a Progressive. Both will use the same campaign propaganda attacks against each other should Romney win the nomination. Moving on to the defection at Restore our Future:

"When the history books are written about Restore Our Future, they may reflect that the consultant who current runs it as a shell company, Carl Forti, lost
hold of the SuperPAC’s culture on his watch. I truly believe that this decline in the SuperPAC’s moral fiber represents the single most serious threat to its long-run survival.

Over the course of my career I have had the privilege of tearing down some of Americca’s [sic] leading Republican political figures: A former Speaker of the House, a morally upstanding former Pennsylvania senator, the longest-serving Republican governor in the nation. I have always taken a lot of pride in providing a sinister backdrop to television advertisements aimed solely and purely at ending a man’s political career, even if it means a Democrat will win the White House. This view is becoming increasingly unpopular at Restore Our Future."

This chap, Kelvin Nadden, actually believes his Super PAC has gone soft!

""This new tone has come with a loathsome and simpering respect for the Romney campaign staffers, whose salaries are a rounding error on the commissions on our ad buys. We used to dismiss them as “muppets,” who left the important work of “ripping eyeballs out” to us. But as we have allowed the illusion of independence to dissolve, they are slouching into our Virginia offices in their bad suits. They are offering obvious hints that they would like us to produce cheerful advertisements using images of Governor Romney playing happily with his grandchildren, drawn from his daughters-in-laws’ loathsome “mommy blogs.” (To pre-empt the muppets’ efforts were forced to bring down the blogs with denial-of-service attacks, and to ground Laurie Romney’s return flight from Guam.)""

So, what will be the messaging for Romney in the remainder of the primary season? Will he switch back to Mr. Nice Guy against Obama? Well, we know he won't criticize him for being a Marxist or for his handling of the US economy. One can only speculate on future defectors from Restore Our Future coming forward to tell their stories in the primary & more importantly in the Fall election.

Publius Nemo said...

Mitt's lead in Illinois is extending. I bet this is why Obama has started in on the election early this year. Romney's campaign is formidable. I understand that they are meeting with opposition to let them know that there will be no grudges or axes to grind and they are all going to be included once the dust settles. Romney's campaign is very generous. It's refreshing to see in a candidate.

Lionhead said...

Hi Publius, how have you been? I havent' seen you around much. Since you believe all is well in the campaign, I'd like to have your sense of this 2004 Romney initiative entitled, "Massachusetts Climate Protection Plan," specifically, how it differs from the Obama Administrations efforts in these areas. You can find the official text here:

Since your sure of his victory in August, please explain to me how he can posit his views against Obama's on these issues. I will await your reply. ;)

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah..say hello to your future president LionHead..the real message behind all your bitching and whining about Romney is that you want Obama to win. I got a message for you, Levin, Palin and other so called conservatives who do nothing but bad-mouth Romney day in and day out- SHUT THE HELL UP!

Anonymous said...

Romney is committed to repealing Obamacare, he has defended what he did for his state, its a lot different from Obamacare, its no use to him to keep explaining to some retards with thick skulls that only care to destroy the governor instead. Ask Newt why he supported Romneycare, ask Santorum why it was never an issue with him when he endorsed in 08. Romney is your daddy, face it.

Anonymous said...

Lynin' Head, why are you inserting full-length posts in the comment section? Are you afraid of the negative comments you'd get back on your own posts? Bosman is nothing if not the most tolerant website master in the business. I'm sure you have an open invitation to post your hostility to Romney to your heart's content.

Lionhead said...

"For Romney, a campaign shaped by Bush allies."

Like Bush, Romney's your man. ""Romney's campaign is "a restoration of the Bush establishment," said former Bush speechwriter Matt Lattimer, who is not supporting Romney. Bush loyalists "all want to be back in power again, and Romney's the best bet."

Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said Romney "is honored to have the advice and counsel of so many individuals who have served at the highest levels of government. He fields their opinions, evaluates them and ultimately makes his own decisions.""


"Obama's campaign already is signaling that if Romney wins the Republican nomination, the presence of so many members of the Bush-Cheney administration on Romney's team will be an issue in the fall campaign.

Bush's approval rating, battered by an unpopular war in Iraq, growing deficits and a troubled economy, was at 22 percent when he left office, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll in February 2009."

This from Mitch Daniels to confirm: "It'd Be Really Hard to Lose to Obama, "But We've Got Just the Team That Could Do It."

Be careful what you wish for with Romney, you may find yourselves fighting on two fronts, the Bush record & Obama.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:03pm: Don't you mean LYIN' HEAD?

Big E said...

You are hilariously insane Lyin' head.

I'm glad they let you out with time served!

As always your windy posts are much needed humor on gray days.