Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mitt Romney and how do you win when they keep moving the goal posts?

I've been thinking this for the past month. If Mitt does this then we're told by the media this will happen...he does, It doesn't. Then expectations get higher... if Mitt achieves this, then the race is all but over. He achieves, no big deal.

Chris Cillizza was on the same wave length in his latest article:
Mitt Romney, having won six of the ten states voting on Super Tuesday including the grand prize of Ohio, almost certainly woke up Wednesday morning, read the news coverage of his victories and thought to himself: “What else do I have to do?”

And he could be forgiven for thinking that way. After all, the pre-Super Tuesday expectation-setting by the media — up to and including this here blog — suggested that if Romney vanquished former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum in Ohio he would have not only “won” the biggest primary day of the year but also taken a major step toward emerging as the Republican presidential nominee. There was no discussion about what Romney’s margin of victory had to be in Ohio in order for the win to truly count as a win.

And yet, when Romney won Ohio — by a single point or about 10,000 votes out of 1.2 million cast — as well as Virginia, Alaska, Massachusetts, Vermont and Idaho, the reaction from the political world amounted to a shoulder-shrug. Romney, the coverage suggested, had yet again barely cleared the bar to keep his nominal frontrunner status. Problems remained — and those problems became the centerpiece of the post-Super Tuesday coverage.
Read the rest of the article HERE.

Even Jon Stewart realizes the absurdity of the above events:

How do you reach a goal if the rules keep changing and the goal post keeps moving?

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Ben said...

Perhaps the media's game is to keep changing the expectations for Romney in hoping they'll find some expectation he can't achieve

Anonymous said...

Matt Drudge's personal Twitter observation on the Super Tuesday results on 3/7/12, retweeted by Ann Coulter, pretty much sums up the situation:

"media now moves fast to the next 'must win' for romney, then of course the 'third party threat' that will take us through summer..."

cimbri said...

right, and if he doesn't win this one, a brokered convention is possible...

romney and his team are fully prepared to grind out 1144 and thats the number. gingrich will stay in for a job and santo will stay in because he has nothing else to do.

Anonymous said...

Read a great article re how useless the political media now is, because they are now just sports reporters that see, and need to feed, the horserace. Serious journalists are openly talking about this as being essentially over. You can simply tell the level of skill by yhe level of insight exhibited.

Besides, who needs them? Mitt is winning, he will win, and WTH do we care what some moron who merely muddles through as a journalist thinks?

I mean if they were sharp they wpuldn't be journalists, right?

Anonymous said...

As I look at the primaries up to this point I have noticed that Mitts' goals and performance continue to meet and exceed their expectations. I believe the media response to Mitt has given Mitt and his supporters even thicker skin which has served to bring in far more support from diverse backgrounds. The seeming changing of the goal lines if anything serves to help Team Mitt to set even higher goals and attain much greater results. Bring it on media.

Anonymous said...

The talking heads get paid appearance fees. Just follow the money. It is in their interest to keep this going so that they can keep raking in appearance fees. The goal is to keep the viewer's butt in the chair in front of the TV. If they were to ever declare Romney the winner, viewers would disappear until August.

Anonymous said...

Mathematically, this thing is finished. It has been pointed out in several articles that neither Santorum nor Gingrich can possible muster 1144 delegates. Now we will now be able judge classiness. In 2008, Romney dropped out and endorsed McCain when it became clear that he could not win. What will Santorum and Gingrich do? I suspect they will not do the classy thing and drop out. They are both prideful men, so they will take their grudges all the way to the convention and try to muck up the place.