Sunday, March 11, 2012

I bet you didn't know that Mitt Romney won more delegates Saturday than Rick Santorum?

Rick Santorum had a good day today. But I'm sure you've heard that already. Santorum's OVERWHELMING VICTORY...blah...blah...blah...Did you know though that Mitt Romney's day WAS BETTER?

Rick Santorum WON 36

Kansas 33
Wyoming 3

Total 36

Ron Paul WON 2

Wyoming 1
Virgin Islands 1

Total 2

Mitt Romney WON 39

Kansas 7
Wyoming 7
Guam 9
N. Marianas 9
Virgin Islands 7

Total 39

Romney won the most delegates today. A gain of 3 on Santorum. Of course, you won't hear that on the news outlets.

Here is how the delegate count stands now. Click the map below to view AP's interactive map with the delegate breakdown. Once there, you can hover over each state to view the delegate count and primary/caucus results:

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Anonymous said...

As an American Samoan, you can bet Romney's got our island.

Anonymous said...


Terrye said...

The media will not admit this if they can help it, because they are milking this primary for ratings. They want it to go on as long as possible.

Greg said...

Finally someone else sees this! The reason that Mitt is "a weak front-runner" is to keep the news outlets ratings up!

Anonymous said...

Bosman, well Drudge let a lot of people know, so we've got that going for us!


Anonymous said...

Santorum's rookie mistake: running for president instead of running for delegates...

ConMan said...

Romney's quest for delegates evertehere possible, sets him and perhaps Ron Paul from the amateurs Santorum and Gingrich who make a big deal over winning 1 or 2 contests here and there only to win a few more delegates than the person who comes in second.

christianhaven said...

Yes, I saw it beginning 2 days ago in Guam on Friday before it all came together yesterday. And it's not over yet for the Territories, with Amer. Samoa and Prto. Rico next week, too.