Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Chicago Tribune endorses Mitt Romney

H/T Mizz

Illinois largest newspaper, the Chicago Tribune endorsed Mitt Romney. Here is part of that endorsement:
…..While three of the Republican candidates were giving speeches and casting votes in Congress, one of these four was managing, and sometimes salvaging, large enterprises in the public and private sectors. One of these four was forced to make costly organizations live, however unpleasantly, within their means. One of these four was learning what it is to live with the often good, sometimes bad, consequences of his executive decisions.

For his demonstrated abilities and the economic pragmatism at his core, the Tribune endorses former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts as the Republicans' best, most responsible choice in Tuesday's Illinois primary. The other three contestants, for lack of Romney's credibility on this threat to the American way, can only try to talk a good game. We're far more confident that Romney is the candidate best equipped to keep the U.S. from devolving into New Europe…..
Read the full endorsement HERE.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks Bosman, I got a H/T....yeah!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

A smart, responsible, mature endorsement--very like the man who is being endorsed. The CHICAGO TRIBUNE editors cut through the crap and go right to the heart of our nation's deep crisis and profound long-term challenges. I greatly appreciate the sobriety, soundness, and confidence of this important endorsement of the only candidate who exemplifies these very qualities. Feels like a refreshing shower after months of mud-slinging.

Anonymous said...

This will help solidify Romney's lead in the Chicago area, but I'm not sure it will help downstate. Nevertheless, I am fairly confident about Illinois, and it appears Santorum is concentrating his efforts elsewhere, essentially yielding Illinois to Romney. The one thing that constantly dogs Romney every state he goes to is the union vote that is desperately to play mischief in voting for Santorum, which is apropos anyway because Santorum has been a pro-union voter in the Senate anyway.

Anonymous said...

Kudos Bosman. The Tribune's mature view is "like a refreshing shower." I second that motion.

Publius Nemo said...

It's going to be Ohio all over. Romney will win the population centers and take the state.