Monday, March 26, 2012


It is painfully and lamentably obvious that Barack Obama no longer works for the American people. He is literally taking money under false pretense as he neglects national and international business to further his reelection ambitions. Mitt Romney has said and I echo, "It's time to say theses words, this word: Enough! We've had enough!"

President Obama has been cowardly in his leadership and now he has become clandestine. Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev know more about the President's agenda than the American people and electorate. If it were not for the hot mic in the room we would still not know how the President felt about missile defense. Thanks to this candid camera moment we now know Obama will be "flexible" to Russia's demands to dismantle or weaken the missile defense shields of Eastern Europe after the election. What concessions we will get from the Russians is unclear at this point nor is it likely to be shared with the American people or our European allies. President Obama is the quintessential politician and Washington has too many insiders making backdoor insider deals like this one for the sole self-serving purpose or reelection. "It's time to say these words, this word: Enough! We've had enough!"


Anonymous said...

This confirms what we all know in our hearts to be true. Obama is intentionally dismantling America. It is intentional. He hates America as presently constituted. It's time to get the Romney general election campaign going. Right now! There is no time to lose!

Anonymous said...

This guy has to go. He's a Napoleon who wants to rule without the support of the people. He never explains himself to us and he never has been wrong. This guy is a quasi-dictator.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Just imagine the destruction to America with a 2nd Obama term.

He HAS to go. If you don't donate, work, and vote for Mitt, you're on Obama's side. Andrew Breitbart said if you stay home you're on their side.